The effect of prognosis of children with cerebral palsy are influenced by what factors?

by what factors influence the effect of prognosis of children with cerebral palsy?

pediatric cerebral palsy in the life also is a kind of common pediatric diseases, the incidence of this disease is relatively high, infantile cerebral palsy disease physical harm to the child is a serious mistake, will also affect the child’s normal walking, so when the effect after cure patients with pediatric cerebral palsy children should be taken seriously, so small make up to introduce the effect of the prognosis of children with cerebral palsy are influenced by what factors?

the cause of pediatric cerebral palsy:

1, genetic factors: children with cerebral palsy can genetic? Recent studies suggest that genetic factors influence more and more important in the cerebral palsy, such as close relatives have epilepsy, cerebral palsy and mental retardation in two factors accounted for 65% of cerebral palsy. And chromosomal abnormalities.

2, maternal factors: mother’s intellect is cerebral palsy of the main risk factors of cerebral palsy in 2, 7 & permil; 。 Second mother are risk factors for childbirth. Mother suffers from epilepsy and pregnancy with hyperthyroidism, or more than two stillbirth was significantly related with cerebral palsy. Other factors during pregnancy, infection, physical and chemical factors during pregnancy, prenatal ischemia anoxia, and maternal nutrition disorder can affect the fetus. Fetal brain 3 – before pregnancy Fastest development 4 months, the period if damage than late pregnancy, residual lesion degree not only serious but also extensive.

3, labor factor: gestational age less than 32 weeks, hip first, birth weight less than 2000 g and the fetal malformation is the most important risk factors of cerebral palsy. Asphyxia, amniotic membrane inflammation, abnormal position and umbilical cord are too short for important risk factors. After the birth of factors: neonatal convulsion is the most important risk factor for cerebral palsy, accounting for 12, 2% of children with cerebral palsy, birth weight of less than 2500 g need special care, newborn inhibition are important factors of cerebral palsy.

a lot of people think that after the child is diagnosed with pediatric cerebral palsy is equivalent to was sentenced to a terminal illness, or pediatric cerebral palsy is very terror and subsequent treatment in sight, and the result is bad, in the face of these problems, parents are confused, in fact, the prognosis of children with cerebral palsy is associated with the factors:

the degree of brain injury:

severe cerebral palsy due to severe movement dysfunction, difficulty in feeding and weak, some will merge other conditions, so the prognosis is worse than mild cerebral palsy children.

if found early, early intervention:

early detection and early intervention of infantile cerebral palsy, is inhibiting abnormal motor development, promote the normal motor development, the key to prevent cramps and deformity. So early detection and early intervention, early control of complications can go to the best rehabilitation effect.


pediatric cerebral palsy should be found early, early rehabilitation treatment, at the same time should be consistent with the correct and comprehensive rehabilitation treatment. Should not just superstition in a certain treatment, such as surgery, solve the problem of life is not scientific and not seek truth from facts. Not when rehabilitation treatment, may be counter-productive, aggravating illness.

social factors:

, including cerebral palsy patients and family members, understanding of disability and rehabilitation in the whole society, for the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy and can really return to society in the future, become the mainstream of society members is very important. The prognosis of cerebral palsy and whether or not to develop community rehabilitation, medical rehabilitation, education, vocational rehabilitation and social rehabilitation is directly related to organically combine. At the same time, the prognosis of cerebral palsy and family culture, economy and social development level.