The harm of flat feet and improve prevention methods

flat feet also known as flat feet, for the flat feet, only aware of its cause, in the prevention and control of root. About the cause of flatfoot is what? Here small make up for your answer.

flat feet caused by disease etiology of congenital and acquired factors.

acquired flatfoot disease risk factors are:

( 1) Foot vice scaphoid, navicular bone nodules is too large, posterior tibial muscle to the weak.

( 2) Bone is shorter, 2 other metatarsal under gravity is overmuch, make flat arches.

( 3) Sufficient sex or fibrous cartilage between tarsal joint, common have to pitch, heel bone and tarsal bone joint can lead to such as flat.

flat feet to the harm of the body including

1, unable to walk or walk a long pain, this is the first hazard;

2, blood vessels, nerve oppression, walk or stand time passes, more tired than normal and suffered;

3, skew towards inside, forcing the body spinal function change;

4, endurance, physical aspects affected;

5, limited activity, especially the elder age, the personnel engaged in heavy manual Labour or climb a mountain, the affected; Limited youth movement, such as jumping movement, triple jump, standing long jump;

6, youth bone, epiphyseal growth affected;

7, to walk for a long time lead to strephenopodia or sufficient evaginate, etc.

flat feet corrective to give children choose a pair of suitable orthopedic shoes, like nearsightedness need glasses is same, only to the relevant hospitals or institutions to do a detailed inspection and testing, quantity order a pair of flat feet orthopedic insole or shoe, can change the mechanical characteristics of motion process, the pain of slow flat feet.

how to avoid flat feet?


often attend a moderate amount of exercise, to properly stimulation of the body’s muscles and ligaments, like skipping rope, the high jump, long jump and other activities can make the arch to get a good exercise. Lift the foot

often standing up, should pay attention to rest, rest more pay attention to my feet. Even often want to sit, also want to often raised his foot.

padding feet

at work, you can find some old books and so on to cushion the feet. If at home, you can lie and lift the foot to the left to alleviate the pressure of the ligament. Don’t sedentary

to speed up the foot blood circulation, can every hour to stand up and take a walk.

to avoid hard for children to wear shoes

sole is better to the hardness, best buy a little loose. But for obvious flat feet, it is recommended that the first measure the arch to the hospital, and customized according to specific circumstances is suitable for the shoe insoles or foot type.