The importance to wear support

We want to draw your attention to the importance to wear support:

1. (with a right to wear Orthopedic shoes) Is the only effective to prevent the baby foot deformity recurrence measures.

2。 Overseas clinical studies confirmed that within 2 years old baby if you stop using or not according to the doctor to require the use of support, there will be more than 50% of foot deformity recurrence or part of a relapse.

about some matters needing attention in the process of wear:

1. From gypsum to requirements with a zero transition: after the demolition of gypsum, immediately put on correct shoes, do not pause in the middle, the interval of more than 3 hours, can increase the probability of the baby crying.

2。 24 hours of wear is 3 ~ 6 months: check every day, with a found loose or damaged in a timely manner to the hospital. Check your child's feet every day, whether red, presence of pressure ulcers, and rash. Children leave with a time every day must be strictly controlled in accumulated within 1 hour.

3。 Can be decorated with small toys such as support to make it look more beautiful, so not drab.

4。 Children crying in the support by first hug or hold way to comfort the child, don't immediately removed correct shoes, if the child is crying continuously, under the correct shoes should be check, if no problem, back to the correct advice immediately shoes.

the use during the review arrangement:

1. During the 24 hours of wear: review once a month.

2。 At night and during nap wearing to two one full year of life: review every 3 months at a time.

3。 During the age of 2 to 5: review once every six months.

4。 After 5 years of age suggested review once every year.

during wear support, if discover the child's foot has a problem, please don't give up their correct shoe, can go to the hospital to ask for help.

about baby's foot and leg massage:

the foot and leg massage can improve blood circulation, foot muscles and ligaments can also exercise, to keep the feet of nutrition, flexibility and improving functions are helpful, recommended in the case of conditional.

about the baby to walk, run, jump function development:

equinus baby in the development of sports function are the same age children have the phenomenon of delay, especially on the function of running and jumping, often can only be comprehensive development after 2 years of age, parents, please don't worry, don't lose heart.

in the end, please cooperate with us, together through correctly installed with correct shoes to prevent equinus deformity recurrence!