The influence of high heels on foot

‘Singer a blues song’ princess ‘, refine a few words of lyrics and sketch out a noble elegant beautiful woman. High heels has become the first choice of numerous women temperament, but as long as it is through the high-heeled shoes, ladies will know heels give beauty at the same time, also bring all kinds of foot pain.

pain, means that the shoes brought damage to his feet. The emergence of pain is the body signals of organization is damaged. So, high-heeled shoes is easy to bring what kind of foot pain? How should we deal with?

1, blisters.

see more at the heel, the ball inside, the thumb joint inside four toe joint surface, and form for shoes and skin friction.

if you wear other shoes can reduce the pain of blisters in, don’t break blisters skin. Bubbles in the liquid about one or two weeks will be completely absorbed; New skin grow old skin fall off automatically, without special care.

if the pain and the need to discharge the liquid in the blisters, be sure to disinfect the wound: first to disinfect with alcohol and the edge of the skin blisters are, on the edge of the blister with a sterile needle pierced a hole, gently squeeze bubble in liquid, then use alcohol disinfection around holes, finally put a band-aid. When change every day at least once a band-aid, replace with alcohol to put new band-aid again after disinfection blisters. Remember that you can’t remove the blister skin, otherwise easy to cause infection.

2, the ball.

heels over 3 cm high heels, will make the most of the weight on the ball, easy to cause the ball pain. Forefoot at the end of the skin in response to increasing pressure and thickening, will form the cocoon or corns, pain. Left unchecked, can lead to plantar osteoarthritis.

when wearing high heels before hand pain, should first change a pair of shoes, the heel lower. If must be wearing the same height of the shoes, it can be combined with soft mat in the ball position. If there has been a cocoon or corns, in addition to using the ball soft mat, but also with hot bubble foot or use soft cocoon cocoon paste softening or corns, reoccupy file tools such as its worn thin. Cocoon or corns can not be completely removed at a time, or you will make it skin lack of protection, wearing high heels, but again the pain more intense.

3, great toe joint pain.

wearing high heels, let most of the weight on the ball, increased the burden of thumb joint, when the ground can lead to hallux valgus and bunions. Bunions widened the width of the ball, then increase the shoes of thumb joint stress, once again increase thumb inflammation of the joints, a vicious cycle.

severe hallux hallux valgus can be surgically corrected. Mild people should avoid wearing shoes head too narrow or high heel shoes, and comply with the appropriate foot guard products such as hallux valgus orthotics, toes pad, after a long walk or strenuous exercise great toe to activities, in order to avoid becoming cancerous.

4, the third and fourth toes pain and numbness.

if wearing high heels, but in the third and fourth toes have pain and paralysis feeling, should be vigilant in Morton’s neuroma ( Also known as plantar neuroma) 。 The disease may be due to the tight shoes head shoes, caused the ball with great extrusion, and extrusion toes and press the ball between the third and fourth toes when pain. Then must consult your doctor, medical treatment, and to wear flat shoes loose to relieve pains.

5, toe surface joint pain.

some before ms zhang is thin thin or toes, choose the right foot high heels can’t obtain ideal appearance, shoes and feel very easy to fall, so choose small a code number. Little imagine, that we walk buckling in tiny shoes head to toe. In order to keep the stiletto shoe, designers usually at the top of the shoe position slightly hardened; This to make it easy to bent toe joint surface friction cocoon. Go down for a long time, easy to form a mallet toes.

this kind of women must be based on their feet when picking shoe is to choose the appropriate style. Everyone’s foot shape is different, so also is not the same shoes can be suitable for all people. When buying shoes must try personally, in appropriate cases, to ensure that the shoes length feel toes have oppressive feeling; If at the top of the shoe when I feel loose, you can also use the paw pads to fill the space.