The most effective way to treat severe flat feet – — Wear shoes with correct

There are many serious flat feet, high arches of the kid’s parents under the doctor’s advice to the child chose orthopedic shoes wear, hope that the child’s foot problems. But there are some children wear shoes with orthopaedic mother complained, give the child wearing children crying is not willing to wear, actually in give children shoes a few weeks before the situation is quite normal. Arch abnormalities are usually characterized by flat feet, high arches, and sufficient evaginate. Flatfoot judgment is very simple, as long as the parents to the child’s foot do simple test. First, prepare a dry floor or newspaper; And then let the child’s foot wet, firm pressure to the floor or in the newspaper; The last observation of foot watermark. If it is a normal footprints, more than half of the foot is no watermark, flatfoot children watermark usually covered the entire surface, flat feet, the greater the full scope of surface of watermark. The following this picture, can clearly than child development condition of flat feet. Children with high arches, often than normal children prone to foot fatigue and pain. This is because a person who is high arches arch stiffness, not very good buffer effect to the body, easy to cause damage, in 25% of the normal people have high arches, called occult high arches. Through the chart can judge your arch type. How to judge yourself as sufficient evaginate? If sufficient evaginate refers to the baby after parapodum weight and landing within standing or walking, parapodum bow tend to sag, often appear together with flat feet, X leg. After sufficient evaginate serious baby when walking foot fatigue and pain, affect walking posture and daily life. If it is found that the baby has had more obvious arch of the foot problems, suggested that parents to the correct shoes and custom insoles center for professional consultation, a pair of suitable corrective shoes, early intervention. Learned, correct the shoes have a specially designed heel cup and the characteristics of dual density soles, wear, can be more effectively the centralizer heel and ankle, straighten the ankle, knee, hip biological force line, let the child walk, can cut the odds of joint strain, relieve muscle fatigue and pain caused serious flatfoot complications.