The range of lower limbs long harm? Where is the custom correct shoes

to walk is to be one of the behavior of every day, but don’t know if you have this experience: one leg often use to tiptoe stand on tiptoe, and the other is always a bit jumping legs.

at this point, you have to pay attention to the possible causes of this phenomenon is you have short legs syndrome or long legs syndrome.

what is short legs syndrome or long legs syndrome?

definition: the range of lower limbs long ( LLD) One side is short legs on one side than the other leg.

in simple terms, is not as long as the two legs.

two legs differ long three types

1. Skeletal system actual structural long range: this is shortened, usually due to one of the following four conditions:

congenital defects, such as the congenital hip dysplasia;

surgery, such as total hip replacement ( 刺) ;

trauma, such as the femoral or tibial fracture.

in the stage of disease, such as cancer, arthritis or children femoral head avascular necrosis.

2。 Functional long range: the different length can be composed of lower limb biomechanical change development. For example, ankle and foot after excessive valgus or spin, pelvic tilt, muscle imbalances ( For example due to hip muscle weakness or hip adduction muscle tension) , hip or knee joint dysfunction, and even the internal core unit is not stable, etc.

3。 Congenital long range: it is independent of, rather than the result of other conditions.

one must determine whether to have actual legs differ long, because two legs differ long associated with some of the body function, must be taken seriously.

length of foot correct shoes for children recover and what’s the meaning of

we can according to the double lower limb shortening the distance difference using fill inside high and outside or inside and outside combination of filling high way will double the length of the lower limbs poor filling, to keep the level of the pelvis.

corrective scoliosis, improve limping gait. Hidden high, at the same time, should be to do so can be greatly beneficial to children’s body development and children’s psychological health development.

length increased foot shoes, length of foot orthodontic corrective period to children’s bone growth stops, in the meantime, can maintain equal length of double lower limbs, keep the pelvis level, corrective scoliosis, for bone development period after the body extended surgery to cure.

where custom correct shoes

a lot also accompanied by a full range of double lower limbs long children varus and valgus deformity, so measuring the need to consider the internal and external deformity to fill high impact. In addition to the influence of body position, each joint clearance, soft tissue may also affect the condition of high altitude.

so, fill high calculation is a very complicated and precise work, sometimes need through the finite element model is used for simulating the spinal stress, can achieve maximum prevention and control of scoliosis.

high orthopedic shoes for form a variety of, but overall on the premise of correct, achieve beautiful and hidden as far as possible, lest affect the child’s psychological development. Different forms of filling high strictly correspond to the child’s cause and condition. More need to consider the state of the whole children, according to the varus and valgus, Achilles tendon contracture symptoms such as comprehensive judgment. Wrong to fill high way not only can cause spinal problems, also can aggravate the ankle original deformity. Therefore, the scheme of high scientific check and choose is very important for a child’s future.

led products of science and technology progress. In the second half of 2016, the Canadian headquarters sent a newly developed high correct shoes imported materials. Its very high compressive strength, deformation, the most precious of all is the very light weight per unit volume, make the high shoes and normal weight almost no differences ( Approximately equal to a few grams) , greatly reduce the weight of the correct shoes. New materials has made a lot of parents in high shoes, feedback is very good also, later we will go further on the material mechanics test, including bending strength, wear-resisting degree and fatigue resistance. Of parents who already make to order new material for high shoes, if find any problem in the process of wear, also please feedback to us, we will solve in the first.