The type of child cerebral palsy which a few kinds are there

Children is the baby home, the parents have done are all hope children can have a bright future, also hope children can healthy for the body. But many diseases will not because a child not to infect, and cerebral palsy is a kind of common disease in pediatric, for cerebral palsy, there are a lot of people don’t understand, only one type of cerebral palsy is not.

mention of cerebral palsy, a lot of people will be nervous. Is a terrible pediatric diseases. Child cerebral palsy, will be affected by the discrimination of the society, the child is a shadow of young mind, at the time of treatment to the child to also want to care about their children’s psyches. Cerebral palsy can be roughly divided into the following two categories: the first, dyskinesia type cerebral palsy: children will show a different kind of involuntary movement. The brothers xu moving type cerebral palsy, such children have sustained involuntary movement, even trying to quiet while you’re sitting there, too. This involuntary movement influenced the cerebral palsy children want to finish all actions, such as walking or doing things with both hands, etc. ; And the other one ataxia type cerebral palsy of the movement disorders, such children at the time of sitting quietly without involuntary movements, but he active movement of action will be very awkward, difficult to make the action. Second, children with spastic type cerebral palsy, children with this kind of movement, less amplitude is small, it is often difficult to activities in fact. Lead to many children symptom onset of paralysis. Such as hemiplegia is the side of the body affected children, that is to say the right arm and right leg, or the left arm and left leg. In addition, the influence of spasm of upper limbs than lower limbs, so basically hemiplegic children can walk, but sometimes the hand function is very poor, one side can only be used as a simple support or to the contralateral hand play a supporting role. Palsy children double lower limbs than upper limbs severely affected, double collapsed in preterm children see more. Three limb involvement is called triplegia and monoplegia refers to a physical involvement. Children all limbs spasm type tetraplegia is seriously affected. Four limbs are affected in some cases, also known as repeat hemiplegia, but the upper limbs than lower limbs severely affected.