Three minutes to teach your children should be how to choose correct shoes?

children should be how to choose correct shoes? Children flat feet need how correctional? This is probably the most concern of the new mothers. Because the child at puberty, it is easy to form bad habits, flat feet, trials, foot inside/outside, and so on & hellip;

shoes for children generally has several functions:

comfortable feet; Choose shoes must be fit for children.

security; To be able to give their children some protection.

environmental protection; Choose shoes smell a smell, is there a pungent taste, or design on whether there is hurt foot, because the child’s skin is very young.

general children generally can be divided into the baby shoes, toddler shoes, small children’s shoes ( Kindergarten) , children’s shoes ( School-age children) Several:

1, baby shoes is the age when children can’t walk, requirements, both inside and outside surface and bottom are very soft, and it should wrap is very good, and is the sole and the insole was relatively thin is hard.

2, children in learning to walk, don’t mat is soft insoles, with a hard insoles. Insoles before use soft material may make people feel very comfortable, but hindered the communication of the soles of your feet and the ground, affect the plantar nerve to the brain’s feedback, stimulation and the normal development, also cause children now easily sprained my ankle wrestling, is not sensitive to the road feel.

3, by this stage small children’s shoes, children will have gone, pick shoes standard changed again, to pay attention to protecting children any part of the foot, toe and heel shoes, upper parts to hard, the top of the shoe in front of a third place to soft.

4, enter the school-age, choosing big children’s shoes, in addition to follow the principle of small children, parents need to pay attention to the cushioning of shoes. Because this period children running, jumping, calcaneal easy to damage, so the soles of the suspension is very important.

when children enter 4 – Foot development, under the age of 14 should be equipped with a more professional corrective shoes. This age children carry momentum surge, foot fat decreased obviously, the metabolism of the foot is relatively strong, the period of corrective/consolidation effect is the best. Learned, taizi leopard children correct shoes has three functions: supporting arches insoles, add hard lock is followed by the heel cup, gait test the function of the sole, let the baby in the walking process balance, improve the foot wrong bearing problem.

it is important to note, in addition, if conditional word, can change a shoes every other day. A day for children to play with, shoes inside is very wet, need to put the shoes in down the block, if there is no condition, also can change the insole change socks every day.

children should be how to choose correct shoes, children need how corrective, flat feet all learned? The child’s foot developmental problems need our parents value!