Traction orthopedic shoes, cerebral palsy, horseshoe varus foot in patients with the Gospel

Achilles tendon traction orthopedic shoes

a lot of parents for children in found their children with cerebral palsy after treatment, the treatment mainly including rehabilitation and surgical treatment, and parents in children with cerebral palsy after surgery is a question: children after orthopaedic surgery correct shoes do you want to wear? Below small make up to introduce ROKAB traction under orthopedic shoes.

the Achilles tendon traction orthopedic shoes can treat what disease:

correction, due to a variety of causes heavy spastic foot drop. Such as: congenital horseshoe varus foot, cerebral palsy caused by sharp enough, other spastic foot drop, etc. Used for correction and correction in bed at night, comfortable, stable effect, can regulate, safe and reliable.

corrective shoes orthopaedic structure design:

this product yes proprietary design, configure the scaffolding on the special orthopedic shoes move ankle AFO orthoses, special bilateral tighten type hinge design, can make the ankle plantar flexion 45 degrees to dorsiflexion range adjusted Angle 45 degrees. For foot varus and valgus have different orthopedic shoes, can effectively control the abnormal position of the foot, orthopedic shoes manufactured natural leather, wearing comfortable, fixed effect is good.

corrective shoes orthopaedic principle:

use special orthopedic shoes, will develop sufficient reliable fixation, by adjusting the drawing hinge, can adjust the Angle of the ankle, according to the needs of clinical treatment of spastic calf muscles and contracture of the Achilles tendon pull, consolidate and improve the clinical therapeutic effect. Need


AFO orthopedic shoes to wear with traction type, please make, under the guidance of a doctor must step by step, the traction Angle to the foot drop began to gradually increase the natural position, not to increase the traction Angle too much, every day is generally not more than 5 degrees, when the hinge of tension on both sides through large, may not continue to increase the traction Angle, * * once taboo traction Angle. Early wear and every 30 minutes to take a break, take off orthopedic shoes, foot massage, prevent bedsore. After waiting for patients to gradually extend wear with time, closely observe the patient enough blood supply situation and its response, such as crying and refused to wear phenomenon, be sure to check in a timely manner.