Treatment of equinus varus

we often see some cerebral palsy patients with varus or valgus, water chestnuts and they, these are because long-term movement disorder patients, no aggressive treatment with age. This is due to the formation of joint deformity children muscle imbalances long, on the basis of deformed load cause deformities is more serious. The clinical manifestations of the horseshoe varus foot

1, symptoms: foot drop, followed by the upward, the foot of the lateral YuanZhao and plantar backward, shaped like a golf clubs, so the disease is also called the bat. Due to the above phenomenon is in heel, foot front adduction, is apart from the bones in the dorsal and lateral uplift.

2, type: the horseshoe varus foot mainly divided into two types. ( 1) Asthenic ( Loose type) Foot shape thin, deformity is lighter, easy to use tactics to foot in a neutral position, the calf weeks diameter similar to those of the healthy side. Non-operative therapy effect is better. ( 2) Short fat type ( Rigid type) Fat and short, with small, deformity, than that calf weeks diameter is fine, deformity with technique is designed. it is not easily, often need to be supplemented by surgery.

3, X-ray manifestations: is a X ray film in distance and Angle ( Talus shaft and calcaneal axis Angle) 30° 。 Talus longitudinal axis and metatarsal longitudinal axis of the phase Angle of 0 ~ 20 & deg; 。 Integrated the two Angle measurement results have certain help to the diagnosis. Lateral X ray film and shown the vertical axis of talus and calcaneus plantar surface tangent into a phase of 30 & deg; , or a foot drop. Strephenopodia is a common complication of infantile cerebral palsy, if no such timely and effective treatment pre-operation, will seriously affect the normal standing and walking in the future.

the horseshoe varus foot of rehabilitation treatment

( 1) Children will take the supine position, the trainer can also be used with both hands holding children lift on two arms too, respectively, will be about two arms crossed, thus promote children turned on both sides of the body to the side.

( 2) Let children take the supine position, use the trainer with the two flesh, turn to the left, right leg bent twist to the left, and made its head to the left side of the rotating at the same time, so the body’s centre of gravity as the head and leg drive, turn it over so well the transfer of training the body center of gravity, coordinate the arms.

( 3) Let children take the supine position, use the trainer with the two flesh, let the children turn to the left, make the child right leg buckling, middle line across the left leg, make the left arm flexion, and made his head leaning slowly make children body as the ball rolling to complete the turn over movement.

( 4) Let the child lying on the inclined plane of wedge, cant will help the children with the trunk rotation. The vast majority of children through the above technique training, massage, and the necessary control measures, can obtain the normal foot shape, especially the soft type of congenital horseshoe varus foot can completely meet this requirement. Type even considered the stiffness of the more difficult by patiently enduring gimmick massage treatment, also can make some children to obtain the ideal effect.

the surgical treatment of cerebral palsy combined water chestnut varus foot if rehabilitation training effect when the children in the age of five little or no systematic rehabilitation treatment and joint contracture occurs, we can consider the appropriate surgery, surgery should be on the basis of the children can walk independently: in the first 2 children. During the period of 5 to 6 years old to FSPR muscle tension, reduce the patient too high to solve muscle spasms, and then with all kinds of the second phase of the operation.