Understand the dangers of flat feet, correct shoes ease flat feet problem

flat feet more than the normal life of a hard, because a lot of flat feet people often feel legs ache, in the process of walking was really painful. It is everybody’s a general feedback, so flat feet exactly what harm? Let’s get together to look at.

a, likely to cause a heel injury

why can cause heel injury? This is because, we have found many of life’s flat feet walking are present within a horoscope? This is true, because the relationship between the flat feet, forced foot in partial, so will cause friction between the heels and shoes, the heel friction and shoes for a long time, can cause heel injury, torn leather, affects normal walking.

two, for a long walk or movement can’t

flat feet are often in walking will feel very ache, even pedal swelling itching. Therefore, in the long walk there will be a lot of trouble. It is best to rest more, so as to better protect their feet. If flat-footed person must insist for a long time movement, will give some pressure on the bones, so also exacerbate the feet for a long time, the deformation of the only reasonable arrange exercise time so can ensure a healthy foot.

three, affecting the normal development of spinal

some people flat feet feet to the inside of the growth, when walking, some people will get out of the apparent within eight, so there will be some high and low shoulder, because the location of the bones have some changes, will affect other organs of the normal development of position. An important cause of high and low shoulder is from flat feet.

corrective shoes ease flatfoot problems

if the parents found the child has suffered from severe flat feet, will go to professional organizations to further check the status of flat feet, and on the advice of the professionals to proceed to the intervention and treatment. In addition to professional orthopedic hospital, love has been correct shoes and custom insoles center also have this service. In view of the serious flat feet, the main method is to wear a custom orthodontic appliance, such as the correct shoes, etc. Correct shoe works, adjust the foot line to make it close to normal biological force, reduce the arch flat part of the pull of the muscle and soft tissue, so as to improve muscle use efficiency, and reduce the rate of strain occurs.

of course, at the same time of wear corrective shoes, but also encourage your child to take more exercise, sports can improve efficiency of leg muscle movement, exercise to maintain the muscles and ligaments arch form, to stimulate the formation of the arch. Before exercise, of course, should make full warm-up, reduce the damage due to movement. After the movement should also be suitable for foot massage, stretching, with hot bubble foot can bring serious flat feet to improve good effect.