Varus and valgus of the difference, you get to?

the horseshoe varus and valgus foot well diagnosis and identification, feet turned surface slanting, or incoming message, is adequate varus.

the lateral edge of the wear shoes, that walking foot itself turn over. The inside of the foot, the first metatarsal stress, representative is outer, ectropion, rely on the inside of the foot in force, the inside of the shoes edge wear.

eyes can directly use to judge. Township, county, prefecture level in our country have no ankle and professional ankle physician, even the provincial capital of 3 armour hospital established ankle hospital is very few, even if there is scattered in a hospital are ankle of the brand, but also has no substantive connotation technology. Even in Beijing, Shanghai line cities wasn’t able to several 3 armour hospital have ankle and orthopaedic department.

a large population in our country, the total number of patients with ankle disease is very large, but doctors without professional training, more domestic no ankle teaching professional schools, nor a ankle department teachers, treatment is also very perfect and specification, this will directly lead to a lot of ankle deformity disease at an early stage can not get effective treatment, leave for a long time and even life-long pain for patients.

as a result, in the current domestic medical talents under the condition of relatively saturated, through professional training, to have high comprehensive quality and shortage of foot and ankle surgeons the ability to work is still in the state, the current domestic treatment of foot deformity level still stays in the 1950 s. These groups often obviously don’t know where to treatment. Regardless of whether they are varus or valgus can has a harmful effect on the body, the treated early the better. Correct shoes can effectively correct the equinus, high arches, varus foot, valgus foot and ankle deformities.