Walk trials? Exposed body big problem! Five tips to teach you correct!

no matter the men and women, no matter, old and young, curled his trials to walk very much. This walk. destroyed a large number of a lady, especially wear skirts big eight words, how much more ugly is ugly!

the foot, experts say, to walk for a long time trials, will bring trouble knee & ndash; Hip & ndash; Spinal muscle, ligament damage, ultimately affect bone health, cause lumbago, scoliosis, and so on. Splayfoot

children, adults have a responsibility to

trials are divided into eight within and outside the horoscope, the formation of no matter which kind of trials, in addition to congenital genetic, cause of disease, mostly related to adult, early to let the child do three things.

1, early learning to walk, too early with walkers

some babies don’t learn to climb, skip, into learning to walk, this violation of the law of parenting practices actually harm the child. Because power is not enough, the legs and feet feet apart, naturally ankle cocked to the side, to prevent falling, thus formed the figure of eight.

six or seven months began to sit walkers, this kind of sitting on the ground, barely stand, immature child a hamstring muscle, with quick slide walkers, tend to tilt to one side to form a toe out in the ankle. Long-term dependence on baby walker, children’s leg also easily become bowlegs.

2, premature wear small shoes

the child’s feet grow faster, if the shoes are too small too hard, a lot of hard material, like the princess shoes, small leather shoes, walking foot will not consciously convex outward, it is easy to form a toe out. Adults give children buy shoes, so be sure to select comfortable, casual.

3, early to learn roller sports

three or four years old learn pulley is very common in China, where young children’s bones, muscles and ligaments are poor stability, far cannot bear the weight of pulley shoes, practice foot type is different from the normal walk, in the past for a long time will affect the normal development of bones, in trials, and so on and so forth. Learn from ankle health consideration, junior high school age pulley is more appropriate.

splayfoot exposure to disease, you should know that

some people walk splayfoot, behind exposed the serious diseases. Zeng Canjun is introduced, and some diseases, such as: flat feet can cause toe out; Of oxygen at birth, premature birth, or suffering from diseases such as cerebral palsy, polio, central nervous system damage, foot back muscle imbalances, can lead to curl equinus deformity and performance for the trials.

in addition, children lack of vitamin D make skeletal dysplasia, may walk eight words.

long walk splayfoot, beware of scoliosis

walk is a horoscope, in the final analysis is the ankle external imbalance muscle strength. Zeng Canjun reminds, parents should pay attention to observe the child’s foot, walking posture, wear heels, early detection and timely visits orthopedic specialist, children can get specification make a diagnosis and give treatment.

normal walking, heel will have more or less wear and wear are mainly concentrated in the lateral heel, and the degree of wear and tear for foot symmetry. But trials are different, the eight walk gave more pressure build-up on the outside of the foot, so the heel lateral wear, wear and outside horoscope is the inside of the heel.

splayfoot ugly consequences not only walk, development to a certain extent, can cause the knee, hip to the spine, cervical spine. Eight words appear in knee varus, thoracic scoliosis, scoliosis, forming round; Outside the eight words, can make knee joint pain, joint degeneration, even, cause lumbar scoliosis form X leg.

corrective to early, five tips to learn

don’t wait to see parents found the child trials, should be corrected as early as possible, Zeng Canjun said that for the formation of trials, the causes of disease can be trained through the following actions to correct:

to walk straight. Let a child walking along a straight line, 1 word way, practice twice a day.

is standing against the wall. For the horoscope, back against the wall every day, open the foot is eight standing outside for 15 minutes.

massage is. Before sleeping every night give children massage feet, eight feet in outward pull, eight feet outside the inward pull of 15 minutes.

avoid lying down to sleep. Was lying children love to lie prone to sleep, but sleep can make the ankle a varus or valgus, for a long time, may also affect the walking gait.

dance training form. Some dance moves can help correct splayfoot, within eight suitable for practicing cross-legged, outside screw, horoscope for practice of rotary motion.

for diseases caused by trials, especially in the horseshoe, can wear orthopedic shoes, resin plaster to correct. There are some serious or muscle imbalances, need fixed surgically. Splayfoot correction the sooner, the better, as to suitable for what kind of method, must be assessed by the specialist, customized solutions.