Want to children walking foot pain, can try to correct shoes

if children often walk pain, consider children are suffering from serious flat feet. Because of the lack of arch to alleviate the pressure of walking in, also cannot reduce the gravity of the plantar nerve compression, the main reason is to walk the pain. Walk pain for children, parents need to consider whether to configure the correct shoes.

this several ways need early intervention of early wear corrective shoes

sports medicine institute of fudan university from October 2017 – During the period of May 2018, in Shanghai, hunan, guangdong, hebei, sichuan, etc, 8974-6 16 years old children foot structure measurement, and collect basic information of the data showed that 25% of children arch on the low side ( Also can say flat feet) 。 Report also pointed out that the girl arch of the foot from the age of 6 began to rapid development, to 12 or so basic mature, boy arch of the foot to 13 years old or so mature. This means that during adolescence, will appear more or less flat feet, mild flat feet can through sports and correct posture, to correct position, but if the flatfoot is severe, and affect the child’s daily life, is about to use correct shoes for timely correction.

such as fudan university, professor, director of the institute of sports medicine and rehabilitation shi-yi Chen points out, 4 – Is really a child at the age of 13 important stages of the development of arch is also the most plastic stage. If the child starts to show 4 – arch 5, arch is still not appeared, accompanied by serious tendency, should be in the prime time for children wear corrective shoes or customizing corrective insoles. Synchronization with certain bounce stretching, and promote the elasticity of thenar muscle recovery can accelerate the recovery process.

corrective insoles for how to choose, what would be a good brand of

correct shoes and custom insoles center, initial were established, its positioning as correct shoes or corrective insoles provider, is currently the longer specializing correct shoes and custom insoles. Years of business process, provides professional large data support for it. Using infrared stereo scanner, to the child’s foot 3 d scanning, gait tracking and other professional assessment, and comprehensive consideration of physical development information such as height and weight, recommend suitable for children of foot heel lock corrective insoles. According to the scientific data combined with professional artificial judgment, they also made a corrective insoles for different children.

correct shoes and custom insoles center of custom and custom insoles, is one of the brands in this convenient more professional. In addition to the foot division correction will be comprehensive consideration of physical development information, such as height and weight customization and recommend followed by locking corrective insoles for children. Now the brand has followed by slope, arch supporting, followed by a litter of shape design VXYZ followed by locking corrective insoles, according to the degree of foot flat, a foot soft tissue thickness to give the most close to the required support and orthodontic force, can the centralizer ankle, adjusting force line of lower limbs. To promote child arch back to normal.