What are the congenital talipes

is introduced: congenital talipes refers to the abnormal foot form or structure, of normal foot shape by external and internal muscle to maintain its balance, some congenital or disease difficult reason can cause the foot deformity.

congenital abnormal toe: such as excessive Numbers of fingers or toes, and toe, great toe, and so on.

congenital abnormal foot: such as strephenopodia, sagging varus foot, congenital vertical talus, etc.

varus foot: due to the length of the fibula muscle paralysis when standing and walking only to the foot of the lateral load and landing on foot to the inside of the turn, Achilles tendon to the inside of the deflection.

equinus: also known as drop foot, foot. Due to pretibial muscle paralysis. Can only be used when stand foot touchdown, ankle plantar flexion, heel can’t load, plantar Achilles tendon contracture. And equinus varus foot often exist at the same time.

congenital talipes valgus: caused by muscle paralysis before and after the tibia, in contrast to the varus foot shape, only to land on foot inside and weight, the parapodum bow tend to sag.

back two-toed feet: also known as the line with the foot, with the foot. See more at gastrocnemius and soleus muscle paralysis and birth defects caused by, stand, walk, loading to follow, lift on toe, ankle dorsiflexion.

bow foot: longitudinal arch of foot was obviously higher than that of normal, arch Angle to reduce the measurement. There is no discomfort. Is due to the foot muscle and external muscle force imbalance caused.

mallet foot: full transverse arch caused by excessive.

flat feet: flat feet refers to the arch. Arch is constituted by foot bone, muscle ligament, normal horizontal and vertical bow bow. The human foot bone by product of arched as arch. When standing, walking and weight, the foot is not full load, the metatarsus and main weight-bearing heel, arch, often hung up the buffer to protect the brain and viscera, and make the person has the very good bounce. If the form of arch structure dysplasia or because of various injuries, arch disappear form flat feet. Some have transmissibility. Some flat feet no discomfort, some pain will appear, affect to walk.

in addition, all kinds of trauma caused by the feet of scar contracture can also lead to foot deformation.