What are the correct method of congenital flat feet?

Flat feet not only the patients walk looks weird, affect their normal life, even there are a lot of people laugh at them, and discrimination against them, concealment at these moves make patients psychological suffered serious damage. Many patients that is unable to treat congenital flat feet, actually this kind of view is wrong. The following corrective shoes custom-made center introduced several ways to the correction of congenital flat feet! Section 1: mania in joints and strolled down movement. Preliminary pose: seat, knees natural straight. Action: 1, with the joints break down first, and then a varus, insist on a moment. 2, relaxation, restore to the preliminary pose. Repeat 12 – 16 times. Section 2: plantar flexion movement. Preliminary pose: with the first quarter. Action: 1, plantar flexion force, fold, foot back arched, insist on a moment at the same time. 2, reduction into preliminary pose. 12 – are more complex 16 times. Section 3: toes grip exercise. Preliminary pose: seat, his knees buckling at right angles, the foot beside spell some marbles. Action: 1, with toes seize the marbles in next to the container. 2, after a short rest, repeated again. A total of 5 – to practice For 10 minutes. Section 4: rolling the ball or stick movement. Preliminary pose: seat, his knees buckling, the first step a ball or a stick. Action: 1, toe buckling force, and then use the first step of rolling ball or stick. 2, 2 – rolling After 3 minutes, take a short break and relax foot muscles. Repeat 3 to practice 5 times. Section 5: arch stand practice. Preliminary pose: two feet into the eight standing. Action: 1, plantar flexion, foot back arched, body slightly forward, make the body focus fell on the toes. 2, maintain a few seconds later, relax back to preliminary pose. Repeat 15 – 20 times. Section 6: strephenopodia standing practice. Preliminary pose: two legs parallel to stand, 20 centimeters apart. Action: 1, two strephenopodia, foot outside on the stand. 2, adhere to the number of seconds after, back to the preliminary pose, relax for a moment, then. Repeat 3 – 5 times. Through the above believe everyone understand the corrective method of flat feet. So patients need not sad, only adhere to the practice with the above method, flat feet will be cured sooner or later, the patient can walk like normal person naturally. In addition, we also want to care for patients with flat feet, more must not discriminate against laugh at them. USES the international first-class testing equipment, technology and production line, the earlier to the foot of the 3 d scan and foot pressure analysis, gait analysis, 3 d printing last, 3 d printing insoles, shoes design personalized correction software, and a series of world advanced foot orthodontic treatment technology is introduced into China, the product production equipment and technology and the first-class level of synchronization, North America and Europe in the past decade has become a domestic foot correction field vane, for the majority of patients to provide the world-class products and services.