What are the early symptoms of pediatric cerebral palsy?

Children with cerebral palsy is one of the biggest harm to children’s body health disease, and this also is not very good treatment, treatment effect is not too good, most of the patients with cerebral palsy lead to disability, and some patients with cerebral palsy and took his life. So be sure to find the right in the treatment of children with cerebral palsy treatment, can alleviate the pain of children. Only understand the early symptoms of pediatric cerebral palsy, for children for early treatment. Some parents don’t understand the symptoms of pediatric cerebral palsy, so will be delayed the treatment time, also will delay the best opportunity for children with treatment, eventually leading to is not very good treatment of children with cerebral palsy. The initial manifestation of pediatric cerebral palsy is often decreased muscle tension, tendon reflex is abate, after a few months a significant weakness and spasm, lower limbs more upper limbs, apparently unable to first involving adduction muscle, tendon reflex activity, children with stiff leg movement awkward, with both hands in children with armpit picked up no kicking action, still keep the original leg unbend or buckling state, most of the children with plantar reflex is stretched to sexual response, children learning to walk late, characteristic of posture and gait, when Michael step peg-leg legs more stiff, strands of adduction muscle strength is very strong to make legs crossed, stepped cross arc shaped ( Cross the gait) , foot flexion adduction, heel can’t landing, adolescence or adulthood variable thin and short legs, no obvious muscular atrophy. Such as passive movement of children with cerebral palsy body can feel the extensor and flexor muscle stiffness, upper body slightly affected or is not affected, such as fingers and stiffness, some weakness and spasm of patients, when reaching for items beyond the target, visible facial spasm kind smile, articulate or vague, a third of children with epilepsy, some can appear athetosis, face, tongue and hand voluntary movement, ataxia and reduce muscle tension and so on. The presence of the children with cerebral palsy to children, and family will bring a lot of pain. Some families in order to be able to cure disease of pediatric cerebral palsy, spent all his savings in the home, some parents for children to find a good way to treat every day, on the move. Actually the treatment of infantile cerebral palsy, as long as it is to understand the early symptoms of pediatric cerebral palsy, timely treatment and find a good method to treat, can let a pediatric life continued.