What causes children within eight words? How to do?

children within eight? This is the subject of many parents are concerned about, now every family have only one child, the child health growth is the common wish of the parents. Parents friends don’t try so hard, let’s listen to what experts say.

trials is a kind of lower limb skeletal deformities, divided into toe out ( The X leg) And the trials ( O leg) Two kinds. Toe out more commonly seen in children learning to walk, and the trials are observed in children has been able to walk.

baby eight words in the walk is a kind of phenomenon, there are a number of reasons:

1, the children lack calcium, pediatric bone by calcinosis, hyperplasia of cartilage loss at this time excessive and tender, and children have begun to learn to walk, stand under the soft upper like twigs cannot bear the pressure of the body, then gradually formed by the bending deformation trials.

2, tibial rotation deformity, it is a natural phenomenon, the baby’s shin is not straight, the ankle itself, walking appeared in the horoscope, it must make a diagnosis and give treatment to the hospital as soon as possible, by wear special shoes orthopaedic correction within eight words.

3, children were walking, comfortable, to stand up and hit the ground naturally correct body gravity, adopt different gait. This obviously is physiology sex, if the situation is not serious, as the baby grew up in eight phenomenon will disappear.

4, if children walking gait is abnormal, need to slowly correction, according to the weight is different, need to 2 ~ 3 years or longer. So the baby wear orthopedic shoes and orthopaedic support the sooner the better. Some serious cannot change through correction, still need surgery.

baby within eight? Parents friends can correct in the following way:

1, to prevent children lack calcium, through sunshine and appropriate taking concentrated cod-liver oil and other vitamin D supplements to prevent, such as already suffer from calcium deficiency are to the formal medical and health institutions shall accept inspection and treatment.

step 2, gait training method to straighten type, by a large number of password, let the children stepped slowly walking the beat. Practise every day the number of steps, and time, according to the degree of child steps deformity and form the length of time, step by step.

3, straight-line running a bright plastic tape on the ground or use colored chalk to draw a straight line, let the child feet parallel to stand in a straight line on both sides, under the command of adult let a child run along a straight line, don’t let the children run trials.

the expert reminds: when found within the pediatric tiptoe to 3 ~ 5 years old, often accompanied by Louis fell, parents should pay attention. Suggest parents take the child to a hospital checking, if your child belongs to the genetic or verbal habits do not need special treatment; If by shooting or bone mineral density examination revealed is rickets activity change, and the next step of treatment should be carried out according to the inspection situation.