What foot deformities should check

the foot deformity check is inspection on foot deformities, detection is what causes, help diagnose all kinds of foot deformity.

check analysis:

1, congenital malformation

congenital malformations of flat feet of bone, muscle, was born in the womb position undesirable varus foot, born of birth trauma caused cerebral palsy, etc.

2, acquired malformation

[ 1] After burn scar contracture deformity, especially in children burns, in the process of development, the growth of bone and tendon due to scar contracture, nerve, blood vessel development are severely affected, which severely affected – due to bone development – Deformity development, and development of tendons, blood vessels is contracture, affecting the normal development of the foot.

( 2] Muscles, tendons damage after trauma, left dysfunction or loss and appear deformity. The deformation of post-traumatic bone healing, bone deformities caused by. Functional exercise after trauma, joint stiffness or flexion contracture deformity. Bad legacy of childhood fracture deformities. Childhood development deformity caused by epiphyseal injuries.

( 3] Neurogenic deformity due to diseases of the nervous system formation of the deformed such as baby collapsed, such as spina bifida neurogenic part nerve paralysis or central nervous after trauma or peripheral nerve injury and its deformed dominate muscle paralysis.

( 4] Secondary deformities of high-heeled shoes, not suitable for shoes and secondary hallux valgus, flatfoot deformity.

life will inevitably come into contact with pollution, if not prevent birth oaf probability also increases, there is a way is eating folic acid, suggest starting from the three months of pregnancy folic acid, can promote cell metabolism, prevent fetal hydrocephalus, again eat three months can prevent other malformation during pregnancy. So every eat three months after pregnancy pregnant folic acid, this is a country also argues, still should pay attention to diet, for fear of pesticides, pollution is nothing is bad, perfect the check, affected after proper treatment is the right way.