What is a flat feet? There are 6 kinds of ways of flat feet

what is flat feet? Flat feet, six kinds of method

believe that we’ve all heard about flat feet, it was difficult to walk with the flat feet, because the foot is flat, l can’t stand it if go too long, not only in patients with muscle aches, still can cause bone pain for a long time, can also lead to complications such as arthritis. As a result, the harm of the flat feet, we should not underestimate flat feet, when we found this kind of disease, if can through the foot pad to correct, as far as possible to rectify it right, but if by foot pad will not be able to correct it, will go to the treatment. Flatfoot corrective methods are there? Below small make up to detailed tell you!

what are the corrective method of flat feet?

1, medication

in flat feet pain in patients with severe inflammation, accompanied by, can take the appropriate drug treatment, commonly used ibuprofen and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (nsaids), for analgesia anti-inflammatory effect is good.

2, lose weight

the weight, the greater the pressure arch is larger, the more likely it is to cause pain, aggravating illness. So flat feet patients should try to control weight, reduce pressure arch.

3, correct the insole

corrective insoles can correct valgus foot in patients with flat feet, reducing the level of foot evaginate foot posture change to neutral position as far as possible; Corrective insoles can also prevent the further development of flat feet, relieve flatfoot symptoms.

4, surgery

in the conservative treatment is invalid, or under the condition of abnormal situation is very serious, the doctor will suggest the orthopaedic surgery treatment, improve the stability of the foot and activity, reducing patient pain symptoms.

5, relax the plantar fascia

, the patient seated or standing with feet rolling tennis or go trigger penalty, to wrap the ring rolling, relax the plantar fascia.

6, hard wearing shoes

usually people with flat feet are not suitable for wear the shoe sole is soft, adult patients with flat feet can adopt the method of hard wear shoes to improve flat feet. Because patients with flat feet itself and different foot points, if wear soft bottom shoes, the sole heart position is easy to collapse, long time down the soles and feet will be pain. But hard to wear shoes, the soles can buffer foot heart force, so as to relieve the pain, also can prevent bone compression and injury flat feet.