What kind of posture can affect the legs?

at this level of appearance in an age of good figure is slowly beyond good face, women themselves are beginning to pay more attention to management, after all, appearance is natural and not natural changes, but the size is can pass the day after tomorrow efforts to perfect.

the most can reflect good figure, is a perfect pair of big long legs. Every girl dreams has long, straight legs, but every time you do the destroy beautiful leg.

one or two long legs

now most sit at all like other girls. When we are in a state of sitting position, two sciatic should be uniform plane contact, when we become warped legs, up the legs on one side of the pelvis will be on the high side, tilt the pelvis, so then you will be functional for a long time length of the legs, legs power will not balance, lead to a leg thick, thin on one leg.

2, poor posture

as the saying goes: ‘standing like a pine’, means to stand tall and upright. But everybody likes more relaxed posture, especially focus on one leg, so also easy to cause pelvic tilt, the above problems.

three, sedentary

work sit, sit, go off work to sit to eat play phone, modern people’s life is to sit in the daytime, night lying for a day. Any use of the lower extremities activities, weaker because hip active power mode, so think can thin body of the project, forcefully into thick legs, for they all are the legs.

4, poor posture,

because sitting position differences, I can only be summed up in poor posture. I often watch people sitting in the subway and feeling like a vine, can be distorted into various shapes, makes me wonder how powerful of the body. Twisted into whatever kind of body, a unified problem is in the pelvis and under the influence of this kind of posture, the buttocks flat is weak, and, combined with the characteristics of female pelvis, very prone to big rotor subluxation, namely ‘O leg’ a lot of women think.

5, take soft sofa, or bench

take soft sofa, or bench, the hip and waist is trapped inside, it is difficult to find the feeling of sciatic support, the entire pelvis in a backward state, you might say it’s so comfortable, but for a long time so you will lose the beautiful legs.

6, poor walk.

I admire this skill: modern how crooked sit, can guarantee the same crooked. . 。 Moreover several kinds of circumstances are both, I have worried about bone will walk apart, how does this case met beautiful leg?

7, wear high-heeled shoes

high heels is a woman of the Gospel, is a modified shape, manifests the feminine things; Culprit, development of high heels is crus coarse calf muscle has a best action called lift heel, so wearing high heels is always lift heel, so when I met my women members of the lower leg is not so fine, I will be asking whether a long wear high-heeled shoes to go shopping.

eight, pointy shoes

I once favorite pointy shoes, because they feel the feet, and a thin delicate, I think most girls liked, but pointed toe shoes will our crowded together, long-term wearing such shoes will lead to hallux valgus.