What reasons may lead to a flat feet?

A soldier is the dream of many young people, but for patients with flat feet is waiting. Because, all soldiers need to stand for a long time and a lot of training, which is the big fear of flat feet, if you don’t pay attention to the protection can cause symptoms such as pain, a lot of pain to the patient. As a result, we found the cause of flat feet, it is necessary to promptly to the hospital for the treatment of symptomatic. So, what reasons may lead to flat feet? This paper correct shoes mainly summarizes the following reasons:

steps/methods: 1, the foot bones or ligaments, muscles, congenital dysplasia, disordered arrangement of tarsus, talus by flat horizontal to vertical, or scaphoid nodules, scaphoid nodules epiphyseal separation, deputy scaphoid, the first metatarsal too short, with the talus bridge, etc. , can cause flat feet, the most common of which scaphoid dysplasia. 2, have flat feet disease family history, after its birth have flat feet, along with the weight-bearing surface flatfoot symptoms gradually was born. Some patients with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis due to long-term lie in bed, or is the lack of normal tension after a foot injury, cause the load-bearing arch subsidence, also can form a flat feet. If long-term malnutrition, lack of calcium and vitamins necessary for bone development, also can cause flat feet. 3, scaphoid do not connect with the talus, talus prolapse, arch caved in, has not been fully developed, the teenagers, improper fatigue and dancers, athletes, unreasonable training cause chronic strain, also can cause flat. Standing time is too long or too much weight, foot ligament and muscle gradually chronic strain and muscle atrophy, ligament is flabby, is one of the factors of forming flat. Note: a lot of people in life have flatfoot symptoms, but because most patients don’t realize the harm of it, so don’t take effective treatment measures. In order to prevent the occurrence of more severe symptoms, we must first clear the pathogeny of flat feet, for the relevant prevention and control.