What’s the reason why a long a short legs

Some people will be a long a short legs in this case, there are many reasons for this, have a plenty of congenital defect development, and now medical technology is developed, in general, the fetus by ultrasound can be confirmed. If there is a side of the dislocation of the hip, also can appear a leg long leg short this situation. If one side of the leg muscles shrink phenomenon, also can appear a long a short this situation. Under the correct shoes learn how to promote the development of legs!

1。 Jump 5 to 7 minutes slow; Flexibility and relaxation exercise 18 ~ 20 minutes; To do all kinds of cheating, the springboard, vibration and swing, etc. 2. 2. Horizontal trailer, the body relax. Two don’t load, every time 20 seconds, a feet weight 5 ~ 10 kg. With special belt fixed feet, head to the prolapse. 3. Jump high hands touch, 60 ~ 70. Feet high jump to touch, two groups, each group of 10 times; Jump on one foot high touch, left and right foot the two groups, each group of ten times; Every time a small batch 5 ~ 8 seconds, big batch 4 ~ 5 minutes at a time. Every time want to use. If can easily touch the hanging object, should increase the height. 4. 4. Up to the hill of 20 ~ 30 meters high, relax, acceleration, quickly ran down, repeat 3 ~ 4 times. 5. 5. Before you go to bed with department on ChuangBang elastic pulling the body. A piece of elastic fixed on the feet, another fixed to the shoulder, the body in a state of tension. After beginning practitioner is difficult to fall asleep, the habit can still sleep soundly. 6. 6. Swimming 2 ~ 3 times a week, and not simply the pursuit of speed and distance, but to finish stretching technique in water stressed. The most fully stretched out his hand, I see such as swim breaststroke. Play basketball 3 ~ 4 times a week, and strive to jump and grab rebounds. 7. 7. All day long jump. Use every opportunity to jump up from morning till night. Jump to touch the branches on the road, in the home can touch the ceiling. To jump up 200 times a day. Using a barbell exercises. Is sure, last 1. 5 hours of moderate intensity exercise, increased the amount of growth hormone that the body can make more than 2 times. Exercise during the day, the hormone increase again in the evening. Exercise can improve blood circulation and metabolism, improve the levels of growth hormone. Recovery after exercise also have important significance to increase the height, because my wife in recovery period in the growing. Restore practice content on the one hand, including changes in physical exercise, alternate to practice running, jumping, swimming, flexibility, on the other hand by plenty of sleep. Is the material basis of tall nutrition. Food diversification, should have enough quantity, and rich nutrition. Diet should include meat, fish, eggs, milk and dairy products, bean products, fresh vegetables, fruits, etc.