When the baby is learning to walk within eight words belong to do not belong to the normal?

for infants, a few months before the development is still very soon. 8 months male baby weight in 8 ~ 10 kg, usually female baby weight is slightly less than male baby generally around 220 grams. When the baby to one one full year of life, the average weight has reached three times at birth, in 71 ~ 81 centimeters tall. Head circumference growth rate of 8 ~ 12 months will be slightly slower than a period of 6 months. Eight months baby head circumference is generally close to 44. 5 cm. One one full year of life close to 46 cm. But the growth rate of each baby is different, also vary from person to person.

baby to stand up for the first time, may be scared posture, position often carries little stomach, stretching his ass and back forward. Although this position looks very strange, but this posture for a baby just learning to walk is completely normal, this stance is likely to continue until after one year old.

when the baby is just learning to walk, he may seem a little strange. When the baby on his back in bed, toes inward bending, looked a little like a figure of eight. This kind of common phenomenon, usually in the baby, will disappear when the age of one and a half so treasure treasure, there’s no need for mom dad too much to worry about. But note that if the baby more than 18 months still not disappeared, requires timely bring baby go to a doctor.

when baby staggered out of the first step, the treasure treasure mom dad might notice a rather unusual phenomenon, is the baby in the foot when walking to reverse it. This is because the baby of the hip ligament is very loose, natural outward to his leg. When the baby half a year to a year old, ligament will tighten, feet will slowly go straight on. So at this age, the baby’s foot seems to be flat, because the arch is the thick fat disguised. Fat will slowly disappear within 2 ~ 3 years, his arch of the foot will become apparent.