Why don’t your feet soles wear? So you are sufficient evaginate

to see the doctor and other daily things biggest difference is that, if her missed the best treatment opportunity, no matter later several repair surgery is difficult to restore to before the condition of not sick, small make up today to say that’s sufficient evaginate.

1 what is sufficient evaginate?

sufficient evaginate because of a deformity caused by foot tendons dysplasia, is one of the common foot deformity. Accompanied by navicular collapse at the same time, the middle point of the calf, Achilles’ tendon and calcaneal at attachment within a vertex to the arc. In symmetry, and will cause ankle outer deformation.

so, pay attention to observation reveals that the thickness of the patients with sufficient evaginate sole inside and outside is different, often sole thin in the inside of the outer sole.

2 the etiology of sufficient evaginate of

sufficient evaginate divided into congenital and acquired two kinds.

the reason of disease of congenital sufficient evaginate, it is a genetic cause, 2 it is pretibial muscle strain, the third is due to the fetus intrauterine compression.

the reason of disease of acquired sufficient evaginate, is due to muscle weakness, ligament is flabby, overweight, caused by bad habits, trauma, wait for a reason.

sufficient evaginate as followed by excessive tilt, increased parapodum bow pressure inside, so often appear together with flat feet, if not correct or surgical treatment for long time, will cause deterioration of flatfoot problems, affects the gait.

3 sufficient evaginate population and treatment

is more than sufficient evaginate population for children ( Patients with congenital sufficient evaginate) 。 Some adult patients because the day after tomorrow is fracture trauma, ligament relaxation causes such as sufficient evaginate.

children outside correction over earlier, the better, because valgus is increased with the increase of load more and more serious. Early eversion with orthopedic shoes fit eversion orthopedic insole can be corrected, and keep the children’s feet in the normal position, the collapse in arch of the foot cushion, so children’s bone in future development is the right direction.

but if the children age growth, bone has deformation, so either therapy, is likely to return to normal foot shape, can only control the valgus no longer continue to develop, on the basis of the existing do improved to a great extent.

adult sufficient evaginate only through surgery to correct, the specific operation method is divided into two types:

is a kind of soft tissue surgery, tightening the inside structure, the structure of the foot of the lateral foot loose solution and YanChangShu, the structure of the ankle after extend and loose solution, lax around the bone structure treatment of prolapse of talus and long peroneal muscle internal move in.

is another kind of osseous surgery, three joint arthrodesis, subtalar joint arthrodesis, subtalar joints with joints and bones to brake.

surgical correction is the purpose of the subtalar joint valgus and secondary with eversion, addition of navicular bone of the bone coverage to correct before full outreach, plantar medial longitudinal arch to correct secondary flat feet.