Why to get up early when a foot ache?

in the morning, the early bed are you going to wash and dress, only to just stand up straight, feet there is a sharp pain; After slightly eased, pain disappeared gradually, can wait for acuteness activity, pain appeared again. 。 。 。 。 。

if the case, often let you are confused, you probably already have plantar fasciitis!

plantar fasciitis is what?

as a clinical common disease, plantar fasciitis, and heel pain syndrome, the most common symptoms of heel ZhaoLiChu pain, heel pain, swelling, compressions claudication pain as well as the first step since morning walk. In the crowd has the exercise habit such as running, the incidence of plantar fasciitis is much higher than the general population, accounts for about 10% or more.

plantar fasciitis caused pain, often affect the normal activities of people. For many sports amateur and professional athletes, plantar fasciitis tend to their training and competition. For ordinary people, the pain will also make lower quality of life.

plantar fasciitis is inflammation?

even though the name with a ‘inflammation’, but plantar fasciitis and inflammation. From a medical point of view, plantar fasciitis is caused by degenerative changes of connective tissue. Plantar fascia as foot relatively important support, such as a daily walk and exercise provides an indispensable support.

plantar fascia is located at the foot fat layer on the surface of the deep band of connective tissue, extend from heel to toe, can be understood as a certain ‘flexibility’ of ‘spring’. If for a long time or larger intensity of exercise, plantar fascia this ‘spring’, would be the use of excessive fatigue state. Over time, raises a foot of degenerative changes.

the cause of plantar fasciitis is what?

according to a study in the medical profession, the pathogeny of plantar fasciitis is mainly for the plantar fascia suffer more than the physical limit of forces for a long time, such a long load lead to plantar fascia degeneration and fibrosis, cause the fasciitis. Movement for a long period of time, high arches, flat feet, double lower limbs differ long habit, wrong standing postures and shoes, etc. , are likely to cause plantar fasciitis.

because of the uniqueness of plantar fasciitis etiology, athletes, women, soldiers and obesity, etc. , all become the high-risk groups of plantar fasciitis. In addition to the above factors, the growth of the age will affect the elasticity of the plantar fascia, so for 40 – 60 people, also needs to be vigilant against suffering from plantar fasciitis.

why foot ache when to get up early?

to explain why the plantar fasciitis caused pain to get up early, but also from the nature of the plantar fascia. As a supporting the entire foot ‘spring’, plantar fascia after a whole night to relax, in a relatively stable, the lack of elastic state. At this time, if suddenly the plantar fascia stretch, will produce more severe pain.

after a period of time to walk and exercise, plantar fascia for its elastic characteristics, be adapted to stimulate, to alleviate the symptoms, but in suddenly take on a more intense activity, or after wearing shoes don’t fit me, plantar fascia can because beyond its elastic limit under tensile and overload, which produces pain again.

so, for plantar fasciitis, how should prevent and cure? Stay tuned for further push.