You don’t know about the baby wear socks

there is a fault in the ball the ball from, sleep is never willing to wear socks. Even secretly dressed him in the middle of the night, and he also don’t want to rub it out in a daze just happy. In summer, let alone, bare feet at home all day, don’t even wear shoes. 。 。 This is your feet how hope to release yourself.

but old people often say: cold from the foot.

so over the years, my family has been fighting against the socks, wear and take off, to wear and take off again. 。 。

the baby need to wear socks? And listen to decomposition. Baby cold hot look? Look back of the head and back baby hands and feet cold, doesn’t mean the baby really cold. Baby’s peripheral blood circulation as the adult is rich, hands and feet cold, it is very normal. As long as the baby’s head and back is warm without sweat, temperature is appropriate. If the back of the neck sweat, even if is cold hands and feet, that is hot. Your feet to keep warm really so important? In fact, the body, head the most heat dissipation. From this perspective, the weather is cold, afraid of the child catch a cold, wear a hat is more important. The foot is not so easy to heat dissipation. Hat also depends, of course, the head and I will be more heat, hot smoke doll’s head, and wear a hat, sweating after blowing are more likely to catch a cold. Also don’t wear the socks? Generally see temperature as well as the status of the children.

1。 On hot days

if the temperature is 20 degrees, the body feels comfortable, can with the children. The back of the neck warm, children have no what uncomfortable, wear don’t wear socks. Especially in the summer, was in urgent need of the cooling, but also after the socks, the acid bright. 。 。 Ball ball kindergarten teacher has sent a group of news, say afternoon all the parents to bring back little shoes brush, the reason is that at noon sleep, the collective to take off the shoes, the flavor of the class can’t hear. 。 But for the toddler child, and barefoot can also promote the development of the senses, is conducive to learning to walk. Bare feet is a good thing.

2。 When the day is cold

when the day is cold, should wear little socks up. But also want to see the baby’s habits.

if you go to sleep at night baby really don’t want to wear socks ( The ball ball is a typical) , mothers should be appropriate to adjust indoor temperature. If no heating, can consider sleeping bag and buy a bigger size the sleeping bag and put the foot also in. To solve the problem.

3。 Physique weak

if it is premature, or weak children, warm or must not blindly bare feet.

the consistence of socks and thrum

elastic: socks mouth elastic le to the child’s leg, influence the blood circulation, must choose the easy resilient. In addition, children grow fast, timely replacement for baby socks.

thread: socks inside there will be a small thrum, seem nothing, but once the winding toes, it may cause serious consequences. Parents can be flipped the socks, or cut off all the thrum inside, prevent thrum toes cause poor blood circulation.


1, it’s hot at the neck and back

2, wear socks to see temperature and physical

3, buy socks elastic and thrum

ball mama said the ball is a extremely hate children socks and shoes. Play outside also don’t resist, basic is barefoot big fairy at home. Basic can’t buy now summer socks. Winter wear little socks in the daytime, evening sleeping bag. All right. Physical exercise to enhance physical fitness.