3-month-old baby with strephenopodia what should I do? Most comprehensive correction method, you get to it

3-month-old baby with strephenopodia what should I do? Most comprehensive correction method, do you get to the

life, treasure the treasure mom dad for your baby’s health problems are very concerned about, there are some baby in three months when there will be some strephenopodia problem, in fact, children strephenopodia majority is born, if not to rectify, deterioration of symptoms will be very fast, more big chance to cause the waist knee joints, pelvis, spinal symptoms. So in school-age period of sufficient evaginate to correct to make the baby healthy growth.

corrective sufficient evaginate of correction method is preferred in now don’t wear shoes with correct, and make correct training, is the first choice for recovery, share with you some small make up today for pigeon-toed training, the treasure treasure mom dad can be chosen depending on the child’s case.

one, with the hand, small hair brush, ice, bottom-up stimulus with the lateral crus skin, so may induce the emergence of active sufficient evaginate actions.

2, put a board on the outside of the foot, let the foot inside fully, to stimulate the inner force, when necessary, the practice on one leg, foot outside a ramp.

three another leg, one leg slightly raised, stand can help once, later can’t help to do a few times every day about 20 minutes at a time.

4, still can kneel on the bed, with legs before put it flat, body straighten the hips don’t cock, hands to hold, two arms straight up forward balance, insist on ten minutes.

5, keep legs crouch slightly stand for 5 minutes.

6, squat legs stand up 20 gradually increased to more than 60.

7, two legs high leg alternately, each 30 thigh to inflate alternating exercises to coordinate the above action must pay attention to the balance of the hip joint, don’t be too forward or tilt.

eight time, walking, must pay attention to the center of gravity, and excessive attention and move the brain, must focus on foot and body posture, from top to bottom body posture to stable equilibrium, right foot to determine flat, move to the next step.

9, every day to soak the foot reflexology points, knead toe pressure point or pinched nail foot thumb corresponding reflex zones, is a brain activity and stimulate it.

10, conditional can walk around in the cobblestone walk, stimulate the foot touchdown contact parts, beginning can wear athletic shoes, wear cotton socks, until the bare feet to walk.

strephenopodia correct training, is actually correct foot on both sides of the balance of the tendons, not stand or stand, is precisely only by practicing a grind on one leg, make the brain produces new balance is the key.