Why do you have flat feet? May be now I don’t know!

Flatfoot is due to some reason make foot bone morphological abnormalities, muscle atrophy, ligament contracture or chronic strain, cause the sink in the middle arch foot inside, bone prominent phenomenon. If you have flat feet, walking will let more tired than normal, and a foot, calf and prone to knee pain.

, what causes the flat feet? 1, walk premature babies had weaker bones, easy to deformation, especially the lower limb muscles and arch small muscle development is not perfect. If the baby is likely to cause premature walk flat-footed, general advice to learn to walk after one full year of life. 2, wear high-heeled shoes to wear high heels for a long time for a long time, make the arch ligament has been in the tensile state, easy cause arch subsidence, flat feet. 3, greedy movement on the one hand, feet not lack of exercise, causing muscles and tendons inadequate strength development foot metatarsus, navicular, wedge bone and their position with each other and deformity flat feet; On the other hand, greedy don’t exercise is likely to lead to the occurrence of obesity, increase of arch load. 4, long-term overloaded movement, soldiers and athletes sports enthusiasts heavy load for a long time sports or walk is also easy to cause the loss of arch height, increasing the risk of flat feet. Second, flat feet, what harm? 1, the most flat feet no symptoms, but fatigue when walking, running, easy to fall down, bounce when lost power. 2, can appear more serious pain, start on the inside of the foot, with the outside heel turn, transferred to the outer edge of the foot pain; After a knee, hip, back pain, etc. , can affect the life and work. 3, more serious foot shape will significantly change, such as the heel bone eversion, strephenopodia, bunions, heel spur, forefoot outreach, foot medial to the ground. Walking gait will also change, such as the transition gait. 4, due to the abnormal rotation of the medial structures, hallux valgus can cause or worsen. 5, the increased of arch collapse a foot stress of the plantar fascia, cause the aponeurosis tear cause calcaneodynia. Posterior tibial tendon and spring ligament tear easily, a closed nodes around the talus dislocation of arthritis can cause multiple joints. Third, people with flat feet should be how to treat? 1, the functional training for slight flat feet through functional exercise can have certain improvement effect, such as the toe walking, flexor toes movement, heavy outward turning movement, after advice through professional guidance. 2, correct shoes like nearsightedness need glasses, flat feet can wear corrective shoe to improve the ease. Need to pay attention to is to choose a hospital or do a detailed inspection and testing of the specialized institutions, amount of custom flat feet correct foot pad, rather than on a treasure to buy at random, this suggested that children correct shoes custom center science and rectified. 3, surgical treatment at present with traditional surgery and subtalar joint stability EOTTS to choose from, if it is not very serious surgical option is not recommended in flat feet.