Cerebral palsy sufficient evaginate treatments, you get to it

cerebral palsy children sufficient evaginate because a deformity caused by foot tendons dysplasia. In the process of growth, if not able to rectify the ankle valgus often cause deformation.

treatment, parents or Kang Fushi holding the toe part, another hand hold the ankle area, make children feet do prolapse and varus movements, each 1 minutes, one hundred times every day. Parents or Kang Fushi medical massage lower limb inside muscle lower leg triceps muscle tension.

treatment 2, in the sick children wore shoes inside the ankle pads on the outside package, at the same time, the inside of the shoe mat is high, the orthopedic shoes inside.

three, general treatment in sick children rest or sleep can use stents, plaster fixation methods such as orthopaedic, activity can wear orthopedic shoes. This kind of equipment according to the size of the sick children lower limb evaginate degree, foot tailored effect is better.

treatment method about four, orthopaedic surgery

from the Angle of anatomy, the main cause of sufficient evaginate is to make sufficient evaginate of peroneal muscle length is too high, and make the strephenopodia before and after the tibia muscle caused by too little. In terms of growth and biomechanics of the, the cause of sufficient evaginate is very complex. Especially when the children started to vertical load, the function of the ankle and foot development is affected by the knees, hips, trunk, often forced or aggravate the formation of sufficient evaginate. Typical clinical signs are: tension in the hip adduction, drive the move inside the knee joint, and moved to the inside of the talus inside the body weight, causing heel bone inward tilt. Hip tension within the spin, the femur internal rotation, while the knee spin move inside and inside, the tibia and fibula is passive, and joint talus and calcaneus slightly outward turning, the body weight in the inner side of the talus.

according to the principle of the central nervous developmental plasticity, promote technical intervention and early nerve function of perceptual learning again, promote the general part of the reconstruction of the neural pathways, can affect the neurons and synapses structure changes and physiological efficiency. Neural development to promote technology is applied neural development and the basic principle of neurophysiology in the treatment of brain injury rehabilitation techniques, including bobath technology of motor control theory are brain damage in children’s treatment must be integrated application of rehabilitation techniques. In the children rehabilitation treatment, through the control of the key parts of the body, technology inhibitory inhibit abnormal posture and reflection, to relieve spasm, keep body, function, input to the central position right action, the in the subsequent treatment, used interchangeably suppression and promoting technology, help children get the right motor sensory input, set up the correct posture action paradigm and advanced automatic reaction ability, promote and improve their capability of controlling random events.

the place on put together is narrated, the principle of foot inside and outside double deformity in the plasticity of the central nervous development period, using various restrain and promote technical reconstruction of neural pathway is the best choice. Before 7 years old children is the body’s nerve, muscle, epithelial, connective, the fastest growing stage of development, can through the above methods orthopaedic and reconstructing neural pathways. If a child form a fixed deformity after 7 years of age, can consider to orthopaedic surgery. There is a degree of the severity of illness, on the basis of become a fixed deformity was considered, combined with clinical experience in the majority of patients after surgery recovery effect is not before the operation effect is good, why is this case? Is because patients do not have complete analysis of the illness, patients are fixed deformity.