Orthopaedic foot and to prevent and correct the selection method of the shoe

From infants to adults, foot about 20 years to complete its development. Over the years, bone ossification, arch form, muscles and tendons to develop robust, foot fusion as a function of body. Although most of the foot is normal when the baby is born, but congenital children still accounts for a large part of the foot and lower limb diseases. Some teenagers foot and lower limb lesions was formed in the early development of children. Children’s foot lesions usually take conservative treatment can get good effect, to correct as soon as possible, can actively help patients to develop, strengthen muscles, eliminate discomfort, to improve the appearance, the final corrected. Children need with orthopedic shoes ( Correct shoes) , need professional orthopedic doctors prescribe a variety of orthopedic shoes to change the biomechanical properties, eliminate the cause. In the set with the children’s shoes, the foot shape, edge, length, width, girth and arch should be considered. In the comprehensive observation and dynamic gait, static checking and try to check after adaptation. Any obvious defect or deformity, doctors have to understand, to carry out diagnosis and treatment plan. Ground forces mark, if possible, record, the foot arch contour shape, disorder, and compression. Foot measurement including long and wide, at full stretch completely bearing. Last, length and width must be appropriate to achieve the goal of treatment. Measurement is only a starting point, because the foot size does not make the shoe size appropriate or not. The size of the shoes be determined by the last. Adaptation is the process of trying on, until get fit effect. Suitability, the good shoes for foot maximum control. Adaptation, the more precise the edge and fix the greater benefits. Correct shoes custom-made center is a health Canada institutions, according to the characteristics of each child and illness by a doctor for children physical examination, medical record gait detection, records, and make the correct shoes, according to the doctor’s prescription to professional orthopedic technician to correct the other shoes and orthopedic insoles professional production. Correct shoes now each provinces and regions all over the country, is the nation’s largest professional children’s ankle correctional institutions. Orthopedic orthopedic shoe heel other brands the biggest difference is: each pair of orthopedic shoes are custom-made according to the child’s situation, the body and prescription for orthopaedic doctor to confirm, made by professional qualified technician, to ensure that each correct shoes corrective effect and therapeutic effect. Correct shoes main types are: sufficient evaginate correction shoes, eight words in correct shoes, water chestnut varus foot correction, cerebral palsy corrective shoes, brain trauma sequela correction, night with orthopedic shoes, double lower limbs differ long orthopedic shoes, special shoes, hallux valgus orthopaedic shoes, high and low, half a foot pathology, shoes, etc. Each orthopedic shoes are made for personalized products. ( Rokab) Refining technology team, has a group of medicine, orthopedic, biomedical engineering background, bachelor, master, doctor, postdoctoral personnel. Focus on scientific research in the field of research and the university of Toronto, Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics, capital medical university, clinical hospitals at all levels have a wide range of scientific research cooperation, the ankle biomechanics, children’s foot disease, diabetic foot, intelligent orthopaedic footwear, and other fields have in-depth research, to participate in a number of state-level scientific research projects, and international SCI articles published nearly ten. Research and development equipment and products of the highest won the second prize in the international, and has a number of invention patents, clinical orthopaedic centre to undertake a number of colleges and universities undergraduate, master’s and doctoral research topic, strive to be the feet for basic research and clinical research field keep synchronous with the developed countries.