Children with cerebral palsy is early diagnosis and treatment

Children with cerebral palsy in the current is still difficult to conquer disease, is one of the disabled children. Cerebral palsy from embryonic development to the mature stage infant brain development process, by some or a variety of reasons of progressive cranial nerve damage central dyskinesia primarily as a result of the syndrome. Cerebral palsy in addition to the muscle dysfunction, still can feel dysfunction, mental retardation, language disorders, epilepsy, etc. The severity of cerebral palsy have different weight. Its symptoms appears before the age of 2. The incidence of cerebral palsy in our country is about 3 – – 4‰ 。 Used to think that cerebral palsy is an incurable disease, and now with the development of science, such as parents early detection and proper treatment, can reduce the degree of disability; In addition to the very serious, can be all the more completely or normalization. Cerebral palsy is not hereditary disease, no infection, not the direct cause of death. The causes of cerebral palsy, in addition to genetic factors, the main risk factors of cerebral palsy are: pregnant women factors: such as irregular menstruation, history of abortion for many times, two or more times a history of induced abortion history, history of spontaneous abortion, stillbirth, ectopic pregnancy, history, etc. ; Maternal age younger than 18 years of age and older than 35, prenatal factors: fetal intrauterine chronic hypoxia – Chronic contractions, threatened abortion history, history of spuc, placenta, an abnormal umbilical cord ( Umbilical cord around it for more than a week, umbilical cord knot, umbilical cord twist, the umbilical cord is too long, the cord is too short, etc. ) ; Pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome, severe anemia, placenta aging and calcium, placental abruption, placental insufficiency, uterine bleeding, expired, premature rupture of membranes, threatened abortion, etc. Multiple pregnancies, virus infection among pregnant women, and especially the rubella virus infection, surgery, trauma, poisoning, serious infection, pregnancy is not rational drug use, parental smoking, drinking, contact poison, rheumatism, syphilis, diabetes, such as toxoplasmosis. Intrapartum factor: acute fetal intrauterine anoxia as neonatal asphyxia; Fetal factors: premature and low birthweight babies, overdue babies, macrosomia, double fetus, fetal, less than gestational age, etc. , forceps, breech delivery, producing long or urgent production, etc. Postpartum factors: neonatal hypoxic ischemia encephalopathy, que, intracranial hemorrhage, low blood sugar, high blood bilirubin, nuclear jaundice. Environmental factors: the passive smoke, dust, industrial and automotive air pollution, such as sand, etc. ; Mental factors: living or working too much stress; ( Accident and/or family discord etc. ) Spiritual unpleasant or mental pressure is too large; Self adjust mental ability is poor. Early clinical performance of children with cerebral palsy: 1, the postnatal breastfeeding difficulties, often choke choke, unable to eat milk, milk, vomit weak cry or scream, breathing disorder. 2, the whole body soft weakness; Or limbs, stiff easily frightened, too much or less. 3, 3 months after birth is no stand or step said. 4, baby one hundred days also can’t look up, 4 – Five months a waist head still wavering. 5, often clenched fists, if already had 4 months is still a thumb adduction, hand Zhang Kaizhe. 6, grabbing things, baby in 5 months see anything to stretch out his hand to catch, such as 5 months later can’t grasp or using only one hand. 7, facial expression, usually 4 – after birth After six weeks will laugh, think. Children with spastic type cerebral palsy is almost expressionless, hand, foot and xu moving type cerebral palsy are often pull a long face. 8, development later than other children, such as 4 – Five months won’t turn over, don’t wait for 8 months. 9, abnormal posture, anomalous reflection. Such as infants and young children have the symptoms should be suspected as early cerebral palsy ( The central nervous coordination disorder) We must to cerebral palsy specialist outpatient service seeing a doctor as early as possible. Cerebral palsy is best rehabilitation period 0 – after birth In June, but this time because of the first onset of symptoms or symptoms are not typical, general 6 months after birth began to typical symptoms. Cerebral palsy, therefore, early detection and early diagnosis has the certain difficulty. Early diagnosis of early reasonable treatment. Cerebral palsy early diagnosis generally refers to 0 after birth Or 0 to 6 months The diagnosis of cerebral palsy, between nine months with 0 3 months of diagnosis in super early diagnosis, also known as super early diagnosis more called central coordination disorder ( ZKS型) 。 Cerebral palsy early symptoms are not obvious, super early have even less specific performance, so early diagnosis has great difficulty. Is the main early treatment of cerebral palsy rehabilitation training ( The exercise therapy) And the combination massage and physical therapy, through rehabilitation training and the treatment such as massage and physical therapy early intervention for children can get good effect. This is because, my brain is not yet mature at birth is thinner in the cerebral cortex, and cell differentiation is poorer, incomplete nerve myelin formation. Nerve cells at the age of 3 to complete basic differentiation, nerve fibers at the age of 4 to complete the myelin sheath. Motor development top-down, head up first, and then can take two objects, sit, stand, walk, action by not harmonious to the coordination, from coarse to fine. Six months after the birth of the brain in a stage of rapid growth and development, increase the number of nerve cells is not much, mainly is the volume increase, increased dendrites, extended and nerve myelin formation and development, and the brain damage in the early stages, abnormal posture and movement has not been immobilized and dyskinesia easier recovery after treatment. For the immature brain, give enough motor and sensory stimulation can promote the growth of brain cells and myelin formation. Such as early diagnosis of cerebral palsy early reasonable formal rehabilitation therapy, in addition to the intensive, most can achieve full recovery.