Corrective insoles – — Straightening children flat feet, let parents rest assured

early detection, early correction, this is a lot of parents found the child flat feet after the first train of thought, is also the focus of many orthopedic shoes, insoles manufacturer.

1。 Flatfoot children is a common thing.

a lot of attentive parents aware of their child’s foot is flat, often confused and anxious, in hospital or on the Internet to get all kinds of information, particularly attention orthopedic insoles.

as the corrective insoles in China market is more and more fire, everybody to learn from a variety of sources: orthopedic insole can be flat feet, can prevent o leg, X leg, scoliosis, etc. And was informed that: use of orthopedic insoles can improve children’s posture, to improve lower limb biomechanics, orthopedic insole can not only prevent disease, also can promote the growth of children better.

but the latest database research shows that a lot of problems to improve is caused by the children’s growth and development itself, rather than the correct shoes. More research also shows that barefoot is much more powerful than shoes let feet more healthy.

we’re exactly how to treat? Today let’s talk this topic with all of you:

1. How is children’s flat feet? Genetic factors

according to relevant data shows, children’s parents both sides are flat feet, so he is flat feet of probability is very high, generally is a genetic son. So, when the parents are flat feet, must be more attention to the development of the child’s foot.

foot bone congenital malformation

children born with foot bone congenital malformation, so the probability of her he had a bone is also very high. Because of congenital malformation can lead to foot bone, navicular, talus is unusual, or affect the foot elastic disappear, that cause flat feet.

improper shoes

children wear shoes is also a major cause of flat feet. The size of the shoes, soft hard, fabrics are to a certain extent, affects the children walk, foot nervous very much. Improper shoes for a long time, which leads to the walking posture, triggering flat feet.

the foot muscle abnormal

if children foot, lateralis soft such as flat feet are likely to lead to children. Mainly abnormal these place, can make children foot force unbalanced load, and long time trigger flat feet.

2。 How can we judge a flat feet and rational response to the child? Shoes have exquisite. Every 3 – baby shoes 5 months change once, can’t wear shoes too big or too small. Shoes material can’t be too hard to prevent excessive restriction on foot development cause deformity; But not too soft, or to the foot of the support strength is not enough. Best choice for the baby’s arches supporting role with shoes, to prevent the collapse of the arch. The appropriate foot exercise. Can exercise by means of the game, let the baby with toes grabbed a towel, beads and so on, a few minutes of exercise every day, parents can also practice standing on tiptoe with baby, every day in the outside part of the heel and toe, foot to walk. These exercises not only interesting, the most important is can exercise the baby foot muscles and can enhance the growth and development of arch.

the effect of orthopedic insoles have really so magical, in addition to buy insoles, we should do?

in order to better understand know orthopedic insoles, let’s know the foot arch of the foot. Arch is an important structure of the foot, the arc-shaped structure of the arch foot like general elastic bow, can absorb to the impact of the foot, and lock in the joints, make feet becomes hard, better promote human activities.

the foot arch of the foot three forms of existence: flat feet, normal arches and high arches. Plagued our flat feet refers to the lack of normal arches, or arch collapse.

3。 Flatfoot is how to?

flat feet can be genetic, also can be produced by the day after tomorrow, but most of the children and adolescents is congenital flat feet. Children often arches formed in 4 ~ 6 years old, some of whom may continue into adult, adult flat feet, other adults flat feet will secondary lead to arch collapse caused by other factors, we will have the symptoms of adult secondary flat feet, called adult acquired flatfoot symptoms.

4。 In the face of orthopedic shoes/insole you need to know

a long period of time, using the orthodontic treatment of infants and children shoes foot disease is a kind of traditional treatment. In fact, the correct treatment of some diseases by shoes can heal itself, but the effect is attributed to the correct shoes, and so the concept of the correct shoes. Recently, the database research suggests that these effects have been the result of the development of natural, rather than the correct shoes. Now we know that the correct shoes is a misnomer. Barefoot is much more powerful than those wearing shoes feet, more flexible, less deformation. Infants and children feet don’t need to support, it is better to let them barefoot free activities.

pathological flat feet need to wear appropriate corrective shoes

and pathological flat feet found in congenital muscular weakness, patients with spinal cord lesions of the brain, is often a serious shortage of muscle strength, severe ankle valgus, merge action or abnormal phenomenon of slow growth. This is kind of flat feet need to wear corrective insoles, because doing so is more advantageous for lower limb development.

5。 In the case of inappropriate wearing insoles, come what may?