Congenital horseshoe varus foot, correct the upper you restore a healthy life

congenital horseshoe varus foot is after the birth of one side or double parapodum shows varying drooping varus deformity.

the manifestation of congenital horseshoe varus foot is as follows:

1, foot after the baby was born, namely a horseshoe varus deformity. Childbirth soft tissue, gimmick can correct most or all of the deformity, but release after hand deformity appeared, a small number of children born after the foot is stiff and bone change, more difficult to correct.

2, plantar flexion strength is strong, while the internal double action easy dorsiflexion valgus is difficult.

3, in the full back can feel from to bone, foot inside concave, lateral projection to assume full foot plantar flexion position, the front foot adduction.

4, children stand hard, walk to delay, claudication, stiff joints, and soft tissues technique can’t correct, small, thin leg, muscle atrophy, but feel normal.

5, foot callosity dorsolateral formation. 5 – Form a rigid fixed deformity after 6 years of age, bone deformation, struggling.

6, many lower calf rotation deformity.

congenital horseshoe varus foot rehabilitation treatment is recommended to wear for a period of time correct shoes

correct shoes and corrective orthotic insole manufacturers biological forces can adjust the foot line to make it close to normal, reduce the arch flat part of the pull of the muscle and soft tissue, so as to improve muscle use efficiency, and reduce the rate of strain occurs. Due to not easy tired, children are more willing to increase activity, so as to achieve the effect of exercise to strengthen muscle force.

to correct shoes custom-made center as an example, in view of the serious flat feet design includes: through control after sufficient evaginate degree, reduce the chances of scaphoid bulge, followed by a cup; According to the degree of flat foot, foot soft tissue thickness, gives the most close to the required volume followed by locking corrective insoles and orthodontic force; And reduce the flat under the full bow sufficient evaginate happened after the collapse and the chances of dual density orthotic insole manufacturers. Through integrated the design, correct shoe orthotic insole manufacturers and correction to the centralizer is followed by more effectively and to help the children in the serious flat feet ankles, straighten the ankle, knee, hip biological force line, let the child walk reduce joint strain, relieve muscle fatigue and pain caused serious flatfoot complications. In addition, children still need to do more corresponding calf strengthening exercises, let foot get support at the same time, make muscles get enough exercise, promote the healthy growth of the foot.

in addition, the correct insoles and wearing glasses, is the need to customize. Mom and dad can’t in order to save trouble, and give to buy a pair. Took the kids to professional institutions to detect, correct the shoes is is well-known in the circle and a custom-made center.

ankle orthopaedic centre owns the advanced full foot 3 d scanning equipment, gait analysis, plantar pressure test system, the individuality of the international leading orthopedic shoes, the design of orthopedic orthotic insole manufacturers and processing software, with CNC machining center and many sets of series of 3 d printing equipment, to provide patients with professional inspection, testing, design, product production, such as a series of follow-up services, and international synchronized.

ankle orthopaedic centre is a registered medical equipment production and sales enterprises, through the GMP certification of medical equipment, medical equipment production and sales, products with medical device registration certificate, for the majority of patients and medical institutions at all levels to provide qualified products and services.

ankle orthopaedic centre is committed to the construction of domestic medical orthopedic system, strive to Canada mature ankle orthopaedic system introduced into China. In clinical medical institutions at all levels to carry out extensive cooperation, helping to build their own medical institutions orthopaedic department, for all levels of hospital culture, full-time or part-time orthopedic medical staff to make medical institutions at all levels have some diagnosis, detection, data acquisition, scheme design, curative effect evaluation. Will provide professional technology, services, and products, improve the structure of the medical institutions at all levels, for the majority of patients to provide reasonable and effective corrective work.

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