Dry goods share! How effective treatment of hallux valgus

when the sorching summer, pairs of new delicate high-heeled shoes is a lot of beautiful women more love. The love of beauty of heart, the person all has. However, if you would be embarrassed to show themselves in the foot to the hallux valgus, more will only have to watch others wear. Hallux valgus not only affect beautiful, still can cause a variety of complications, must give timely treatment.

hallux valgus is what?

hallux valgus ( Also known as the thigh bone) The formation of half come from genetic factors, other major is acquired, have caused by rheumatoid arthritis with hallux valgus, and wearing inappropriate shoes, such as high heel shoes are too narrow, foot head pointed shoe pinches and so on, is not easy fixed, is easy to produce extrusion to toe or friction, not only influence the extension of toe and activities, but also destroyed the original function of three footing. Body weight when walking on foot front-end, toes will gradually by body weight compression deformation, cause for hallux valgus. Hallux valgus

how to treat this is a problem that many people want to know, hallux valgus as a kind of disease, while early except appearance beautiful, choose shoes difficult and easy to damage the shoe didn’t bring too much discomfort, but as we age, the degree of deformity, will produce a lot of serious complications, should be caused take seriously, active treatment, so, hallux valgus how to treat?

1。 Conservative method

with no symptoms only deformed but slightly lighter patients can be treated conservatively. Can wear some relatively loose shoes at ordinary times, this can reduce the friction between the shoes and feet, especially not wear nozzle high heels.

we can also be placed inside the shoe insoles can reduce soft foot pain area of the pressure, to ease the pain. At ordinary times can do some barefoot movement, is a great relief. , of course, also can with the aid of orthopaedic equipment for correction, so foreign also has a certain therapeutic effect.

2。 Surgical method

if after conservative treatment still can’t effectively correct, or suggested in the treatment of surgery, actually this is also a good treatment. Also there are many kinds of surgical treatment, this need according to different conditions of patients choose a better surgical method. After surgery can be based on love to choose their own like to wear the shoes.

hallux valgus patients maintain a good state of mind is very important, with a positive attitude to face the disease, only in this way can improve immunity and fight diseases in patients with faith, believe that will be able to get rid of the disease.