Early to see don’t regret! Detailed explanation children correct shoes

With the continuous development of science and technology, combined with the people’s attention to health more and more high, appeared a lot of specially designed for children health growth and some of the things, such as children’s correct shoes to scientific correct children irregular foot force, to help the growth of the foot bone health, long-term wearing can effectively correct children some bone problems such as flat feet.

children correct shoes material:

the breathable mesh cloth, small head layer of high quality leather, special lines of rubber soles, double hard fiberboard, insoles high-density foam material, bamboo charcoal fiber. Features: based on the function of the children’s correct shoes:

the biological mechanics principle design, scientific and correct children’s irregular foot force, to help the foot bones healthy growth, long-term wearing can effectively correct children’s flat feet, eight, eight, O leg, foot bone problems such as X leg. The innate and acquired the foot bone disease caused by have good correction and improvement. Special heel after knee high shoes can enhance protection and stability of the human body, avoid foot heel after children walk with varus. Bamboo charcoal with polymer fiber insole with infrared ray and negative ions releasing effect, moisture absorption, breathable, antibacterial, deodorant, durable, shock absorption, etc.

  To pursue more comfortable feeling, launching a new ROKABS64 orthopedic shoe style, suitable for severe flat feet, serious after sufficient evaginate of home use, its power of orthodontic force line is higher than the average household slippers, giving the foot support and orthodontic force.

  In fact, there is biggish difference correction because children shoes, when therefore began to wear shoes with correct, children are not necessarily will adapt. In the adjustment period, do not need to insist children wear corrective shoes for a long time, the first day to wear to wear for two hours, and gradually increase in time, maybe a week or two time children can completely adapt to the correct shoes. In the process of children adapt to, want to encourage kids to wear more, with exercise and massage at the same time, can effectively improve children suffer from.