To prevent the baby with flat feet, mom should know five things

most of the children started walking around 1 year old, but many parents began to worry about the baby would not be O leg or X leg, some worry that can not flat feet. So how to identify the baby isn’t flat feet; If it is, my mother to do?

1. What is a flat feet?

we human feet when in contact with the ground, in the foot has an arc structure, can help us to absorb the kinetic energy in motion, to reduce the oscillation of the exercise on the brain. If we are to stand arch disappear or collapse, is flat feet.

2, baby several obvious characteristics of flat feet

baby if it is a flat feet, baby walk soon there will be a leg acid; Exercise prone to foot pain; Baby’s sense of balance is bad; Prone to the eight words; Often tripping over themselves.

3, children like to walk on tiptoe, need to stop in time?

this action is controversial. Many children when walking on tiptoe, this is mainly because the child height, on tiptoe to get a better view. In addition, on tiptoe can also stimulate baby vestibular and proprioception. If the child is just to get a better view, parents don’t have to worry too much.

4, flat feet can genetic? How to prevent

yes, flat feet really can genetic. Baby flat feet generally divided into congenital and acquired two kinds. Basic there was no way to prevent congenital formation. The day after tomorrow to avoid children flat feet, mother to avoid wear inappropriate shoes for children.

5, if the baby is really flat feet, what can we do?

if your baby really have flat feet, mothers can let the baby more exercise, help the foot arch development, strengthen the leg muscle strength. Let the children practice game with foot clamping towels, hook towel; Also can let child walking on soft goods, such as pillows or pillow, can also help children arch development.