Flatfoot correction method is introduced

Flatfoot corrective

1, the strength training ( Home edition)

ankle dorsiflexion and toe flexor exercise. Dorsiflexion make full backs on a cock, toes up hard, toe flexor toe droop as far as possible, plantar flexion. Also can do resistance training in plantar flexion and dorsiflexion resistance, exercise the tibialis anterior muscle and posterior tibial muscle strength.

the ankle should also make appropriate varus and valgus movement. Two genu varus when unable to move, make two full bottom relative, valgus two foot soles should stretch out as far as possible, at the same time straight toes do dorsiflexion movement. Varus when doing the appropriate resistance training, to further strengthen the posterior tibial muscle strength.

step toe during practice, after filed a heel, the distance from the earth, the higher the better, as far as possible with the toe or sole front walk, the body must be kept upright, hold out a bosom to receive an abdomen, hips don’t pursed, step spacing, the smaller the pace to solid, the waist to forcibly while maintaining body state, not a stop-and-go, maintain the continuity of the walk, you can also use toe light running, running in process to keep the feet of the elastic, foot as far as possible when tribes to keep quiet. Take turns to use feet, single foot toe are alternated rope skipping. This approach to exercise the posterior tibial muscle and ligament.

towel flat ground, five fingers grasping the towel at the same time. The above actions do 1 ~ 2 times a day, every time 20 min. To exercise a foot muscle strength.

child flat feet can be appropriate to walk barefoot on the beach grass. Development, on the one hand can promote touch buckling toes on the other hand, at the same time walking on foot lateral foot can exercise the lateral muscle and ligament.

2, correct shoes

flat feet corrective shoes generally extensions on foot the medial cuneate, foot inside heights, correct foot line of force, promote the restoration of the patients.

( 1) Toddler period with bone or a family history of flatfoot children can use the orthopedic insoles, promote the development of arch and avoid flattened evagination deepening;

( 2) 4 – Is golden arches development age 6 years old, before there has been a serious flattened evagination of the child it is recommended to use correct shoes or insoles, can better promote the Angle correction, reduce recovery time;

( 3) Teenagers appear flat feet, simple corrective effect is not obvious, shoes need to correct shoes collocation of orthopedic insoles, arch load reduction, arches to support the arches, promote the strengthening of the arch ligaments and connective tissue, improve the symptom of the flat feet, reach the effect of rehabilitation;

( 4) Adults acquired flatfoot symptoms, due to the adult bone has been forming, only through arch mat scattered arch pressure, retainer arches, can not use orthopedic shoes. But because the adult bone hard, too high arch of the foot pad can cause discomfort.

3, orthoses

sufficient evaginate orthoses, foot into DAFO shape, for children with severe valgus, control effect is stronger than orthopedic shoes, this valgus orthopaedic implement foot with arch support, at the same time does not affect children with plantar flexion and dorsiflexion movement, promote the development of the normal position.

4, surgical

when conservative treatment can not control the symptoms and/or deformity, may need surgery. Surgical treatment is the purpose of the reconstruction of foot line normal force, while keeping the ankle as flexible as possible. This case the most common surgical methods include joint arthrodesis, column YanChangShu osteotomy and foot side. Foot jamb YanChangShu is included in the corpus callosum joints for bone graft, which helps to restore the medial longitudinal arch ( Along the foot department arch) 。