If you want to correct shoes play a role, choose the correct insoles is the first step

if you want to correct shoes, choose the correct insoles is the first step

in order to the healthy development of children’s feet, when found serious foot problems, many parents for their children to choose a pair of shoes suitable correction. It is important to know the correct shoes, however, is not the ordinary children’s shoes, choose depends not only on size appropriate, also cannot be judged by comfort. Among them, the choice of the correct insoles have more knowledge. If the correct shoes have done a good job, it is very important to choose correct insoles.

children’s foot is very different, need to customize the correct insoles. Each child’s foot condition is different, so the corresponding foot solution is also different, like the correct shoes and custom insoles center foot therapist said. Strict correct shoes, such as myopia glasses, matching, and should be according to the different foot conditions to choose the appropriate correct shoes. Each child’s arch condition is different, the same children of the right and left foot may have very big difference in the arch of the foot. Flatfoot is the most common arch of the foot deformity in children, and often accompanied by sufficient evaginate flatfoot children, strephenopodia, hip varus, scoliosis, and other issues. Every child is not the same as the situation is even more. When installing a corrective insoles, foot orthotics on children’s foot 3 d scanning, gait tracking and other professional assessment, and will consider height, weight and other physical development information.

orthopedic insole should choose according to the feet.

orthopedic insoles, like myopia glasses, need strict match, and then select the suitable for their own products. Consumers buy orthopedic insoles, in the center of the correct shoes custom-made foot orthoses could let consumers foot check in detail, and then according to the professional foot data analysis, recommend the most appropriate orthopedic insoles for consumers.

as we have learned, through the analysis of the large data of custom insoles in the past decade, children of different foot type can be divided into five types, development and design of five kinds of corrective insoles, heel lock is suitable for the children of most serious foot problems, make the correct insoles production more systematic: faster, shorter time and better quality, innovation and practicality are recognized.

due to the complexity of foot conditions, some children may require custom insoles in order to achieve the desired effect. YiJian will customize different design according to test results and different foot type insoles, different parts can also be mutual combination, to adjust the lines of force of lower limb, balance. When wearing, can control or slowing the progression of foot problems, accordingly reduce pain and joint strain.