Infants with flat feet to do, don’t be afraid of, method is the most important

flat feet, also known as flat feet, refers to any bone, ligament, muscle physiological abnormalities, lead to full term, outside longitudinal arch and transverse arch collapse or disappear, for flat feet. Etiology can be congenital structural abnormalities, trauma, standing for too long, the long march, rheumatoid arthritis, polio sequela, cerebral palsy, and so on.

cause baby flat-footed

a foot flat or arch is not obvious originally is a normal phenomenon of physical development, newborn baby is flat feet, one hundred percent 90% before the age of two is flat feet, then decline year by year, about 10% to 20% of adult is flat feet.

arch by calcaneal, astragalus, navicular bone, wedge and metatarsal bone, on the one hand is to rely on bone forming, on the other hand joint ligament of the natural strength tight and supporting the whole arch, so the child ligament is loose arch load will be flat, ligament is tight and arch forming age growth, this is a normal physiological development, without treatment or to find a way to accelerate development.

baby flat feet corrective methods:

1, flat feet, correct gymnastics

do flat feet correction exercises can strengthen arch ligament and muscle exercise, thus improving flat feet.

1。 Using the heels walking 30 seconds, and then use the toe walking 30 seconds, after 2 minutes rest, again with the feet of the lateral walking 30 seconds.

2。 Stand on my toes and heels together, and then stick to 3 seconds, and then leave the heel, stick to 3 seconds. This action the repeated 5 times.

3。 Use toe clip thing ( The pencil) Lift stick to 6 seconds. This action repeated 5 times.

4。 Put a weight on the sheet, Proper weight such as books, etc. ) , with the toes sheet, repeated 3 times.

2, correct choose shoes can prevent flat feet sequela

( 1) Have different amplitude arch pad retainer to relieve arch fatigue, preventing flatfoot sequelae;

( 2) Have hard heel cup, to stabilize the heel bone, the range of the control after sufficient evaginate;

( 3) Front feet have different degrees of choice, to prevent the ball too loose or too tight, increase the foot comfort;

( 4) Finalize the design of the bottom design, help stabilize the foot shape, strengthen the supporting force of insoles.

3, choose the right shoes

don’t hard bottom shoes or high heels.

the size of the shoes to fit, best buy a little loose, toe cap, make the toe has plenty of leeway.

sole is better to the hardness, the shoe bottom to be thicker, the height of the heel of the shoe had better have 2 centimeters, make weight load as far as possible to the arch scattered the fulcrum, ease of arch under pressure.

but for obvious flat feet, recommended to the hospital first measure the arches, and customized according to specific circumstances is suitable for the shoe insoles or foot type.

4, often change, and air basks in footwear

baby hyperactivity, foot sweat, insoles, shoes inside the best place to moisture absorption perspiration to reduce heat loss, and often change chang sun, to ensure that the shoes dry and warm. Wet footgear rain and snow day, in a timely manner to change.