In trials causes and solutions

in 3 – children 12 years of age, arch bone is in puberty, arch is the golden period of formation, if shoes inappropriate or too obesity and poor posture, muscle, ligament is a normal development of bones and most causing flat feet, eight, after foot inside and outside, X leg and foot problems. In our daily study and life, once found inside or outside of trials, should be paid attention to in a timely manner to correct, if the parents a party itself is inside or outside splayfoot, must pay close attention to the child’s walking, running posture, found the problem, correct in a timely manner.

so in trials is how to produce?

1。 Genetic factors. Within the flat feet, such as a natural parapodum collapse, bow foot naturally present a spin state.

2。 The power of the leg and ankle. In the movement, this kind of phenomenon is especially apparent, do actions in order to stabilize and buckle in knee joint, involuntarily out two feet.

3。 Don’t have to run or walk the correct posture. Excessive use of foot on the inside of the bearing, gradually formed the habit.

4。 The influence of living environment or wear. If girls like to wear the ugg boots, completely without any protection buffer structure of arch, the parapodum bow will lose the ability to rebound because of the too much stress.

in the trials have what performance?

1。 Seat when habits & quot; W’ Leg knelt to sit, have ‘X leg’ appearance.

2。 When running easily inward legs forward, even your feet stumble and wrestling.

within eight solutions have?

1。 Can breaststroke sports and cycling sports, exercise coxal muscle, guide the lateral femoral rotation.

2。 Use of assistive devices to correct professional orthopedic, alleviate foot problems worse.