The harm of flat feet, treatment method and correction method

flat feet is a kind of common foot deformity in life, it is called a flat feet, flat feet or flat valgus, etc, is mainly due to a foot inside parapodum bow curve radian smaller, under the upright posture, arch decline or even disappear in duck palm of a phenomenon, known as flat feet.

the cause of the flat feet

it is well known that we humans are the only animal that has the arch in the world, it is because of the arch, we could walk upright for a long time, arch is our foot is one of the most important supporting structure, the tarsal and metatarsal bond for arch, and the elastic and can shrink of the plantar ligaments and tendons, etc, to form arch, upward projection with a certain radian plays a buffer shock, protect the plantar nerve blood vessels, to support the important role of the body.

arch radian is too big or too small, will cause harm to the body, arch radian is too small, in our common flat feet. The formation of the flat feet, with congenital and acquired two cases. Congenital flat feet

genetic factors cause the arch foot skeletal muscle congenital dysplasia.

acquired flatfoot

flat feet, also known as adults, usually long wrong walk. or wear inappropriate shoes for a long time, coupled with factors such as obesity, tendon degeneration, the function of the arch weakened gradually and disappeared, and no longer have the function of the elastic cushion, cause the failure of arch, form a flat feet.

how to identify flat feet

1, simple identification method

by footprints can easily identify whether flat feet, as well as the severity of the flat feet.

2, medical professional judgment

flat feet, you also need to a professional doctor, through the patients posture when standing and walking foot activity, lower limb power lines and other indicators of evaluation, flat feet when walking, often appear heel valgus, toes outward, toe out wait for a phenomenon.

flat feet what harm

flat feet in the growth and development of children, is a kind of common phenomenon in children. Many parents think flat feet is a common phenomenon, there is no harm, so there’s no need to correct, this is wrong. Flatfoot exactly what harm, let’s find out.

flat feet because children form abnormal bone, muscle atrophy, ligament contracture or chronic strain caused by full longitudinal arch collapse or resilient to disappear, also known as flat feet. Flat feet can make children when walking to the lack of protection for feet nerve. Children’s dance, after running, some of difficult movements are affected.

flat feet of children at the time of hiking, it is easy to feel tired. His speed and power than normal children. When he’s walking foot with the ground for a long time, easy to hurt his foot nerve, produce foot paralysis. Long time so easy to affect children’s normal development, grow, and health.

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how to treat flat feet?

the first thing you need to assess whether children with functional flat feet, namely when the foot arch in load cases, the load cases arch exist, for the function form of a flat feet. For flat feet of rehabilitation therapy, the key to improve the arch and arch muscle development. Gravel roads, such as a foot sensory stimuli sand, toe pressure plate, roll tennis foot self reverse foot, practice: the tibialis anterior muscle of foot dorsiflexion, in turn, can be in the case of resistance training. After tibial muscle exercises ( Elastic belt under group do varus, toe flexor training group for 10 seconds at a time, a total of 6) Plantar small muscle group training, such as short training, foot towel. Standing on one foot and close your eyes one leg stand practice ontology sense; Walking gait training and correcting, training to the lateral force, foot dorsiflexion. Early habits training such as sit, avoid W early to walk. To encourage early improve walking barefoot thenar muscle group and the development of arch. Orthopedic shoes and arch cushion can have the effect of auxiliary support and improve the arch, when conservative treatment is invalid, can choose surgery, flat foot surgery now use soft tissue repair, more extended calcaneal osteotomy, 3 c osteotomy, subtalar joints, brake, etc. , but more than surgery complications such as joint dislocation and the long-term effect is unknown, and many other adverse reactions, it is finally choose surgery flat feet.