Not for flat feet, maybe you should try the correct shoes

not for flat feet, maybe you should try a correct shoe

because the job is busy, the child’s growth problem is often overlooked by a small percentage. Arch as part of a less visible, parents attention degree is not high. The expert points out, 4 – Is really a child at the age of 13 important stages of the development of arch is also the most plastic stage, this stage due to genetic factors such as improper or wear shoes, easy to let the child have flat feet.

flat feet refers to the lack of normal arches, lead to lost of arch foot elastic buffer function, and therefore is not stand for long, long walk, bounce and weight. Common flat feet what are the symptoms of

1, flatfoot symptoms of spastic flatfoot symptoms: mainly for severe pain, while standing or walking can show trials gait, are common symptoms of flat feet. Long peroneal muscle tonus, foot, limited valgus and outreach activities. Heel width, a foot evaginate, Achilles tendon outward deflection, forefoot outreach, scaphoid nodules completely collapse, inward. Severe cases, foot stiffness. Fixed in the valgus, outreach and back stretch, limited activity significantly. Even after a long time to rest, flatfoot symptoms is also difficult to improve. Some patients may be secondary to the low back pain and hip and knee pain.

2 flat feet, posture sex disease: is the symptom of common flat feet, for the incipient stage, arch appearance without exception, but walking and tired after feeling fatigue and pain, leg feels the pain, when the lateral ankle plantar center and instep swelling, scaphoid nodules swelling and tenderness obviously, local skin redness, varus foot activity light is limited. When standing, foot flat, sufficient evaginate. After a rest, flat feet signs and symptoms can disappear. This is one of the symptoms of flat feet.

the above phenomenon of flat feet, general doctors would recommend often do some exercise and wear appropriate corrective shoes, as children age will gradually ease, have the opportunity to returns to normal. But correct shoes can’t buy, must like myopia glasses for specialized customized again after fitting, such as hospitals, orthopedic shoe order center can provide the professional service.

because each child arch of the foot is not different, and the same child’s foot arch situation is likely to have very big difference, parents can bring children to correct shoes custom-made center consulting, their professional foot division correction when correction fitting shoes to the child’s foot 3 d scanning, gait tracking and other professional assessment, and comprehensive consideration of physical development situation, such as height and weight to give professional advice.

through our detailed introduction about correct shoes for flat feet, believe that everybody can correct shoes correct flat feet have a new understanding, hope parents for children to grow up the foot problems caused take seriously, or it will affect a child’s healthy growth.