The five types of premature infant cerebral palsy clinical manifestations

Beginning to infantile cerebral palsy is the conception of progressive brain damage and developmental defect caused by syndrome, main show is given priority to with central dyskinesia and pose obstacles, accompanied by varying degrees of mental retardation, epilepsy, visual, auditory, emotional expression and behavior disorders of the clinical syndrome. Symptoms of the disease is more, different ages have different performance: newborns often have unexplained shrill cry, sleep too much or too little, sucking weakness, inability to swallowing, easily frightened, etc. According to the children with systemic muscle tension condition, clinical general cerebral palsy is divided into five types: type 1, cramps, this is one of the most common; 2, the brotherhood of xu moving type; 3, relaxation type; 4, ataxia type; 5, hybrid, both the symptoms of cramps, and brothers xu or ataxia. The performance because of the cause of cerebral palsy and classification of different and various, but much less than six months to see the following symptoms: 1. Soft body and reduce spontaneous movement, this is the symptom of low muscle tone, can be seen in a month. If it persists for more than four months can be diagnosed with severe brain damage, mental retardation, or muscle system disease. 2. Body hair hard, this is the symptom of muscular hypertonia, can be seen in a month. If the last more than 4 months, can be diagnosed with cerebral palsy. 3. Slow and JiaoMing no reaction is the early performance of low intelligence, generally considered unresponsive when 4 months, 6 months JiaoMing no reaction, can be diagnosed with mental retardation. 4. Abnormal head circumference, head circumference is the shape of the brain development of the objective indicators, brain damage, often have abnormal head circumference. 5. Weight gain, lactation. 6. After the birth of a month is visible to the fixed position, is often due to brain damage caused by abnormal muscle tone, such as opisthotonos, frog, inverted U glyph posture, etc. 7. Don’t smile: if 2 months can’t smile can’t laugh out loud, 4 months, can be diagnosed with mental retardation. 8. Fist and: if 4 months is not open, or the thumb adduction, especially on one side of the upper limb, have important diagnostic significance. 9. The body torsion: 3 – 4 months baby if any body torsion, often hint extrapyramidal damage. 10. Head and instability, such as 4 months stomach can not rise or seat head upright, often is an important symbol of brain damage. 11. Strabismus: 3 – 4 months baby with strabismus and eyeball movement, it may indicate the presence of brain damage. 12. Can’t stretch hand to grasp objects: such as 4 – Five months can’t stretch hand to grasp things, can be diagnosed with mental retardation or cerebral palsy. 13. At hand: six months later still exists, can consider to mental retardation. Above corrective shoes custom-made center was introduced in detail for you the symptoms of cerebral palsy, parents don’t blind to conclusion, children have any unusual symptoms to go to normal hospital actively cooperate with treatment, can’t abandon and give up, say to the children with psychological care, through effective treatment, children will grow up healthy.