Three minutes to read orthopedic shoes and children’s distinction, in addition to purpose is to comfort

there is no people, through the correct shoes probably won’t know, correct shoes and children about what is the difference. Children a good pair of shoes is often a retainer mat arches and hardened heel cup, mainly to prevent growth in the process of flat feet or after sufficient evaginate not normal phenomenon, in order to comfort, often have appropriate to the size of the dash, with elastic arch of the foot retainer mat, etc.

but correct shoes is not the same. After correction of shoes is in flat feet and sufficient evaginate, or the hallux valgus and other phenomena occur, and seriously to use, and is aimed at some has serious flat feet, after sufficient evaginate, high arches of the crowd. So in insoles, heel cup have some special design. Like dual density soles for arch collapse, hard outside soft inside, the inside sole support with high density, increase the inside of the sole support in the middle of the gait support, reduce the flat under the full bow sufficient evaginate happened after the collapse and chance. Correct shoes by changing the ground contact condition and the characteristics of the joint child foot problems, through some special followed by locking corrective insoles, straightening children walk biological force line, prompting the foot back to normal.

because differ in design, in view of the people are different, so the correct shoes comfort compared with general children’s shoes, will be relatively less.

but there are also some brand made efforts to correct the shoes are comfortable, such as the correct shoes to rectify the order center. In order to increase the child wearing comfort, besides precision custom was carried out on the child’s foot, also to launch a slipper type correct shoes, suitable for severe flat feet, serious after sufficient evaginate of home use, children can wear at home, more light to reduce the rate of joint strain, relieve muscle fatigue and pain, and this greatly improved the children in the foot comfort in the process of correction.

the other parents recognize that children’s shoes and correct the difference, when just wear the correct shoes to the child, respect for children’s adaptation time, adopt a gradual process, can slowly effect into full play.